Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Picture a day- Day 1

I've felt like a fish out of water, flopping back and forth on the deck trying to decide where to go and what to do with this little blog.

I could have taken it in the decor and gourmet bliss that some newlyweds focus on, but let's just say I'm less Martha Stewart and more Jimmy Stewart (the heart is willing but you're more likely to find me inviting bums to talk to my 7' white rabbit than having matching table linens).

So just what was I gonna do once all the wedding stuff was finally all done and over?

Something else has been bubbling at the back of my mind, brought on by wedding madness. I really hadn't been anywhere near a camera for years til I started this blog and had to take pictures to showcase all the beautiful things (and no so beautiful attempts) I'd made for the wedding.

I also became surgically attached to the poor thing on our honeymoon (I think it still cries to sleep at night over the batteries I burned through).

Also it seems somehow unfair that the only time people become picture happy is when there are kids or dogs involved. Sure both grow up at the blink of an eye, but I will never see a December the 3rd 2008 ever again (assuming time isn't circular). This whole newlywed this is a rare time for me that I would love to be able to revisit when I can in the future.

So what does that huge block of text mean? From now on I am going to take a picture a day and share it here. It could be as boring as my desk, a squirrel outside, or something that catches my eye. I am no artist by any means. But I have since I was 2 years old loved to look at pictures especially the background to get a sense for the times.

This little experiment may crash and burn horribly and I'm always looking for any constructive criticism. I'll also be posting my random rants and raves as well as when I get in the rest of the wedding pictures along with the picture a day.

So to start this little test off here is Day One:

After making any baked goods I can always count on my human garbage disposal to clean up.


Rachel said...

I like the idea of a picture a day!! That's a cool way to document your everyday life!!

And we all love your rants. At least I do, because I tend to agree with most of them! ;-)

valerie said...

I think we're on the same brain wave. I was thinking about starting to do a picture a day, AND I was about to post a picture.

People tend to like pictures more than whiny blocks of text (i.e. what I do).

And since I'm going back to school to finish my degree in photojournalism, I really need to get back into taking pics every day.

I agree that it is a cool way to document everyday life.

Linda said...

Great idea. I do hope you keep posting. I like you!

Cate Subrosa said...

Cool idea. As long as your posts are full of your usual wit, I'll keep reading.