Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 15

Snow day sure was a lot of fun, eh? Too bad we all have to get back to work. Well at least vacation is just around the road (which reminds me I have to get everything ready before we spend our week up in Chicago).

Last night we got another wonderful surprise (okay so thanks to tracking numbers it really isn't a surprise at all). My hubby had a small package that was left at the neighbors (a slightly terrifying thought on its own in our apartment complex full of college students we never see) he'd been waiting for since Cyber Monday.

He was so happy he plopped down on the floor to open it up and rifle through.That's my husband. He always has to read any and all materials that come with anything be it a centrifuge, a board game, or a deck of cards. I'm more of a plug it in and mess around until it starts smoking, then read the manual type.
Our place is just full of wires. I hope we never have a small mouse sneak in to chew them up, or worse try pirating our internet.Is that not just the cutest little laptop you've ever seen? Makes you want to pinch its cheeks and cover it in super frilly clothes. Or maybe that's just me.

After spending about 20 minutes on the floor messing with it he finally moved it to his desk and then spent about 5 hours playing with it.

Now in our place we have one computer that run Windows, one that runs Mac (mine, and I was using it long before it was cool), and a little lap top that runs on Linux. Anyone else have a few different computers or Operating Systems? Did you have to marry into a new OS?

Any laptop owners got some suggestions for someone just starting out?

It was also very funny to watch my hubby load up that tiny little thing into his huge bookbag. I offered him a little red bag I had that it would fit in perfectly but apparently he just couldn't put his hyper masculine laptop into a purse. Boys.


Cate Subrosa said...

You are so freakin' cool running three different OS in your house. Love it.

Funny how you're the 'have a go' type while he reads the manual, cos I always think of manual reading as the woman's role. But then you two quite often go against my ideas of the gender norms. I reckon if we knew each other in real life you'd be like Baddie and I'd be like your cute hubby.

AmyJean said...

Ugh. i just wrote a comment and it deleted.

I love the little computer. so cute. And i love that you have three different operating systems! It's so diverse!

Linda said...

I've been trying to talk Tai into buying that laptop. Hm, peer pressure.
I have a Mac. Tai has 2 PCs-one he bought me when I was Mac-less and one he had before.
I'm just like you when it comes to manuals. I just plug it in and figure it out.

melissa said...

Ha! Your husband sounds a lot like my hubby to be. But does he have 3 different video game consoles as well?