Saturday, December 6, 2008

Giveaway Winner-Week 1

After much deliberating with my best friend and MOH we've decided that the winner of the earrings is Julie with the entry:
"My best friend got me an electric blanket for my little girl, one very very cold winter. This may not sound like much but she is asthmatic and her chest really kicks off in the winter-time. My heating was down and I had spent all my spare money on buying basic furniture after my long time ago ex boyfriend decided he would strip my home after I kicked him out for extremely bad behaviour. So my best friend bought the electric blanket to keep my daughter warm at night, so she didn't have an asthma attack. This guy has also literally saved my life, again a few years ago and it is down to him where I am today. The heating was soon sorted out and I've made a good recovery and moved my life forward but this man is amazing! He saved my life and he saved my daughter from a trip to hospital. I'll never forget what he has done for us."

Just e-mail me at sabrinarichard at with your address and I'll send it off.

All of the entries were great and it was really hard to pick a winner (that's why I made my best friend do it). Everyone check back on Monday for the next gift (and a more entertaining than heart warming challenge).


julie said...

Yay !!!

sammik said...

Congratulations, Julie! Your story was very sweet. :)