Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"He went to Jared . . .

That cheap cheap asshole"

I love these Target:Women Sarah Haskins bits. I've followed her through the cleaning, cooking, birth control, and disney princess ones.

Offbeat Bride just recently featured her new Jewelry one (a sore spot for me as I break out into hives and begin plotting how to destroy that cursed Jared and his evil jingles as soon as an ad comes on) and I just had to share.


AmyJean said...

OMG. Kay jewelers and Jared... i'm so tired of those dang commercials... please, i'd rather you get me a scratch and sniff sticker that you've been saving since the first grade for someone special, than some over priced retail jewelry ... granted i do love jewelry, but #1. never pay retail for jewelry, and #2. why buy jewelry when all the prices are actually marked up in anticipation of gift buyers (ie., christmas and v-day). And its more the commercials that ruin it for me than the thought put behind it by the buyer... lol

PS. Sorry for the rant! lol

AmyJean said...

I am back to apologize. I hope i didn't offend any one with my comment... it really wasn't aimed at grooms or brides ... who do buy retail, go to kay's or jared or etc... and i realized it may have come out that way. i'm just so tired of the diamond/wedding industry totally playing up like certain occasions have to have certain gifts. Sorry about that, and i hope i didn't' offend!

Carly said...

@AmyJean: You're so cute. I get what you are saying.

Hahaha!! That skit was hilarious! All of the commercials are obnoxious, but for some reason, I find the Lexus ones where the husband/wife gets a new car with a bright red bow on it, even more revolting. Its one thing to get stud earrings for Christmas, it's another to get a new SUV. Actually, scratch that, the whole damn thing is annoying! I admire jewelry and enjoy a few pieces (like my e-ring), but a different piece every holiday? Definitely not my style.

Blablover5 said...

Don'y worry Amy, I loathe all those commercials too.

I actually hadn't seen a Jared commercial til moving to Iowa for a while and I could see why my Chicago husband hated them so. Sadly they're suddenly playing them here.

If there is anything more condecending than rating the worth of a man upon where he got you something sparkly I'd like to know what it is.

professional daydreamer said...

in jared's defense, they were the ONLY store to show us rings that matched my description of "wearable." every single other jewelry store in two states understood "tiny rocks, no bits sticking up, simple design" to mean a giant freaking boulder in a prong setting with the fussiest metalwork imaginable. i like it when people listen.

of course, i've never seen one of their tv commercials. :-/

Leslie said...


I absolutely LOVE your rant.

The same thing goes for flowers (always marked up at "special" times of the year).

Bride in Exile said...

Oh god, the jewelry commercials. Kill me now. The worst is how often they're on during my beloved NFL games -- not all of us watching football are clueless husbands who forgot to buy "the wife" a sparkly Christmas gift! For that matter, not all of us ladies are dying to receive a heart-shaped necklace covered in diamond chips.

DeadmansLog said...

Sabrina, this is fantastic. I love the Target: Women spots. Mmmm... Yogurt. "It's, 'who serves yogurt at their wedding?' good."

Also, I've gotten tired of the jewelry I already own, certainly I'm sick of the jewelers. I feel very lucky that my very lovely, fairly plain engagement ring is a family ring (my grandparents' engagement ring) and my Husband-to-Be is going to wear his grandfather's wedding band. Because I loathe going into retail jewelers.


Never teh Bride said...

Argh, now I have the Jared and Kay commercial jingles stuck in my head...and they're playing simultaneously.

Cate Subrosa said...

That is hilarious!

No offence, but your advertising is so bad, whenever I see US ads (and I have to watch them quite a lot for work) I can't believe they're serious. They're sooo cheesy, I think they must be parodies, but they're actually serious! Gah.

Might go watch the rest of her vids now. She's funny :)

Jenna said...

Oh my goodness, I just watched every single Target Women episode. Every single one.