Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 28

It is so good to be home. The ride was wild and windy and way to long (I really think we should just get rid of Iowa all together. It's not like anyone would really notice).

Tomorrow I promise a little re-cap for now I have some little pictures to share.

This is my husband looking through all his little Magic cards while at Chicago to find just the right one to something something something (somewhere around word three the language just completely lost me and somehow turned into pig latin in my ears).If you can't tell, that's our little air mattress on his back. His old bedroom was so small he had to prop the thing on his head so he could look through all the cards. I called it his little fort, though admittedly a fort where you can only maintain the roof using your head isn't a long standing one.

It's tradition for him and his father to get together and play a few (hundred) games whenever he's home.
It amazes him that I am not the stereotypical wife there to throw away all his old card boxes the second he leaves to get the mail. Instead I encourage him to play and have picked up a few games myself (Black and White deck is the only way to go).

I really don't see why when guys get married they are expected to give up their little indulgences and are ordered to grow up. I saw on a message board recently one woman that was gloating because she wheedled her fiance into putting away the X-box once they were married (I am guessing that little exchange would not have gone over so well if say he'd wanted her to never buy another purse again).

Is it really so bad if he kills a few hours a week slaying orcs? Think of all the stuff you can get done while he's not under your feet. You could finally re-tile the bathroom to look like an English cottage or change all the wall paper to Strawberry Shortcake.

I'd say it's one thing if he's spending whole days playing a game while you maintain your place and a job to pay for it all, and it's quite another if that's how he wants to spend his free time. Or maybe I'm just weird as I like together time and then alone time. Constant together time would drive me mad.

Does anyone else out there try to encourage their SO to indulge his childhood every once in a while? Are you just as willing to get on the floor and play with him, or are you actually better at chopping off mages heads than him?


Kristy said...

I think I surprised my boyfriend by not only buying him Rock Band for Christmas, but spending that entire weekend playing it with him. I think it's ridiculous to try and make your SO stop doing little things like that if he/she enjoys them. I thought you were supposed to love the person, not try to change them and mold them into your ideal doll. The only hobbies/habbits (that almost came out as hobbits...) I'd support getting rid of are those that are harmful or detrimental to the other person or those around you.

Linda said...

Uh, yeah. My hubby plays D&D every other weekend with his buddies. I think it's great. He has such a good time. The other ladies do not like it and wish they only played once a month. I'm the cool wife:)
All the Magic cards we have are mine-I had them before we met. I'm more a Blue/White myself.
I know lots of women who demand their hubbies get rid of games and toys. I never understood it.

Anonymous said...

I try to join. I've watched Transformers many times (we even watched the live action movie on the night we got engaged :P), we play lego and rock band together and we enjoy watching and talking about Star Wars.
When I had the flu/wasn't feeling great, I would put my head in his lap and watch him play "The Force Unleashed" and I would try to help him between naps. :P
I think it's important to encourage people to do things that they like as long as they aren't hurting anyone. Besides, I'd rather have Mr. Bean be interested in this kind of stuff instead of porn, strip clubs, drugs, etc. :)

Cate Subrosa said...

Yeah, some women on the internet (just like some women in real life!) freak me out. What Nate does in his spare time is his business, just like what I get up to in mine is mine. It's good to have hobbies that don't involve the other person. I would go insane if we spent every spare minute together!

Kara said...

Get rid of the Xbox?? Kevin wouldn't have it! In fact, since being married we've bought a Wii and Playstation #, I like playing that stuff too. Some women are weird.

Lindsey said...

That is one of my fave parts of the holidays - lots and lots of games! I think we have been playing about 4 or 5 hours of cards a night and I'm not sick of it...yet!

Happy New Year!