Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giveaway Winner-Week 2

After careful collaboration with my fellow worst gift giving elves we have decided that the winner of the super cool coal soaps is Rachel from Girl Learning Along the Way:
Worst gift I ever received: It was from, yes, a crazy aunt. It was a sleep-shirt and knee-sock combination which was meant to resemble a pig. On the front of the T-shirt was the front of the pig, like it was looking at you, and on the socks were it's legs, hooves and all. On the back, you guessed it, the back of the pig, ass and all. What made it hysterical, though, was that my 2 sisters also got one - so all 3 of us got "the pig" as we called it!!
However I have one condition upon winning, you must post a picture of "the pig."

Oh all right, if you don't really want to show it off I suppose I can send you the soaps anyway.

Just e-mail me at sabrinarichard at with your address and I'll get those puppies shipped out to you.

Thanks everyone for playing along some of those were just great. Everyone check back on Monday for the third present. Also remember to keep watching the skies!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I will see what I can do about a picture - I know we have one somewhere, so if I or my parents can find it I will definitely post it!! ;-)

I'll email you with my details!