Saturday, December 27, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 25

I am getting old. Every now and then I keep getting reminded of it.

It seems every time I get together with my friends talk turns from boys and booze to child care costs and insurance co-pays.

This latest trip to Chicago cements another milestone in my life, I am much too old and decrepit to sleep on the floor.

When I was younger (by a whole 2 years) and also in the long distance thing I would be overjoyed to sleep on the floor next to my once every two months seen boyfriend.

Now that I am an old wife, my bones and his just can't take a few blankets for a bed on the floor. What can I say, we've become horribly attached to our bed at home.

So this trip, after not sleeping for a night, we convinced the In-laws that what we really need is this:And now all cozy.
What do you guys sleep on when you're traveling especially with the new hubby/fiance?

Is anyone out there actually willing to still sleep on the floor?


Linda said...

I abhor staying at other people's homes. I need my bed. We have one friend with a lovesac. I will stay there on the lovesac since it's not so bad.

valerie said...

I hate sleeping on the floor. I absolutely refuse to sleep on the floor. In fact, one of my former friends freaked out on me because I wouldn't sleep on the floor the night before her wedding (and in the end, we're not friends and she stayed in a hotel room).

A couch, yes. I will sleep on couches. But floor? Negative.

Brett and I rarely have to worry about sleeping in places without beds or couches though.

Ellen said...

I can only sleep on the floor when I've had too much to eat and the food baby's kickin'. At that point I'd lay anywhere.

Actually, the floor and I have never really been friends for more than an hour. I so don't blame you for yelling for a bed.

Cate Subrosa said...

We are very lucky that 3 of our 4 sets of parents live in the same city as us, so no staying over. We just went to the 4th set for lunch today (they're about half an hour away) and were back by 7. I think staying over there is a thing of the past too. We're going to my brother's for new year's though, and I'm not sure where we're sleeping yet... eek!