Monday, December 15, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 13

Oh no! Unlucky 13! Or is it lucky 13? Whatever did 13 do to deserve such unfair punishment anyway?

This post is coming to you after a very major defrosting of my keyboard, mouse, and fingers. A windchill of -32 F will do that to you.

For the past two years we've had a more unconventional Advent Calendar. Instead of getting a pretty picture or maybe a piece of chocolate every day til Christmas we get a little Lego Set to go in our slowly swelling town.

I love the Turkey leg guy and the trashcan, oh and the axe weilding maniac attacking the man holding the ice cream. The Christmas tree is also from last years. I don't know what the 24th will be this year but we suspect it's gonna be a snowman.

We also got a fun addition to go with the Lego City advent calendar, a Playmobil nativity scene:

It's perfect for any tiny fingers that visit and want to mess with a nativity scene (the Lego city was a huge hit last year as my husband watched a 3 year old while we were dress shopping). You can move all the animals heads and open things (though I have no idea why Jesus is in a white body suit or why the angel is 3 feet tall).

Does anyone else have a different advent calendar or any holiday decoration? Or do you live in a toy store like we seem to?


Jenna said...

I just finished read a book about the 13 superstition! I'll have to do a post on it I think.

Blablover5 said...

Does it refer to the death of some priests? That's the only explination I've heard for at least Friday the 13th.

Linda said...

I love it.

Cyd said...

This is fantastic! I am a huge fan of Legos and this is basically the best idea ever.