Friday, December 26, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 24

As I spend more time with kids around Christmas I am quickly learning that you must come to the gift opening session more prepared than the Marines.

Unless you want to see this little face turn into a screaming ear shattering wraith you had better get together little Christmas emergency kit. (While you don't have to be as prepared as my hubby the box sure couldn't hurt unless it had teeth).
  1. Batteries-from AAA to C's to a car battery. You just never know what the latest epileptic toys require so the must have toy of the season can by seen from space.
  2. Scissors-Or better yet a machete. It seems that anymore childrens toys are not just packaged for keeping the toy safe in transit but to protect them from a bear attack, a small fire, or a nuclear bomb.
  3. A skilled carpenter- If not then you would wind up with this:Thanks to my patented Gift Opening Security Kit you too can have a nice calm Christmas morning (or at least a lower decible one).


Linda said...

I would also suggest glue (to repair things that broke in the unwrapping), bandaids (because you will cut your finger on that plastic) and one foolproof toy-one that will entertain children until the other toys are assembled.

Leslie said...

Also, you may need a screwdriver to recover some toys from the boxes.