Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Giveaway-Week Two

Hey everyone. I'm really really excited about this weeks little present. So much so that I had to get one for myself.
It's from Crazy K Bath & Body and its 4 little pieces of coal that conveniently turn into soap whenever you need to wash your hands. The four I'm giving away are in a wonderful Christmas candy cane scent.

The one I got for myself is the Cozy Christmas scent which reminds me of eggnog. The smell is great and it leaves my hands so soft. They'd make a great little stocking stuffer or a fun addition to any bathroom for the holidays. Also, they hold up so well I'm sure they'd last for quite a few years.

I actually first stumbled upon these great soaps when I caught sight of this. Really you just have to check out the link to see how awesome they are. They look so realistic I just want to eat them all up.

So the challenge this week, in keeping with the coal theme (but not the soap theme these things are so cool) I want to hear the worst gift ever. Could be given to you (or if you're more daring from you), to a relative, or just something you've heard in passing over the breakfast table.

Once again you have til Friday then I'll announce the winner on Saturday. I also still ask that only those in the US enter (okay unless you have the funniest story ever). So get cracking on the funniest/worst gifts given.


Kara Robson said...

Wow, these are great. I am always looking for great stocking stuffer ideas. To me stocking stuffers are the hardest part of Christmas. But these are great. Thanks for the idea :)

Megan Teegarden said...

I have a really funny story!! So my FH's family does white elephant christmas gifts and 2 years ago him brother in law opened his present and he had thong underwear in it lol. It was so funny to see his face!! And the funniest part is is that he hung on to them and they showed up again last year lol. I think my FH's uncle got them this time so I'm waiting to see if they show up again this year lol!! I just couldn't help but share this story it was just so funny when it all happened!!

Oh and those soaps are great!!

Danielle said...

The worst gift I ever got was from a second cousin whom I've never gotten along with. At our grandmother's request, we put aside our bickering once a year for Christmas. We didn't have to see each other, but we did have to exchange a small gift.

One year, I was 14 and he would've been 11 or 12. His mom was still buying his presents and putting his name on them. I wasn't. So, I went and bought a $10 gift card and sent it to him. I didn't get anything back. I waited, but on Christmas day, there was no gift. It wasn't a great loss, but a little annoying.

Finally, a week after Christmas, my grandmother brought me a tiny box from my cousin and his mother. I honestly don't remember if it was even wrapped. Inside there was a single velour scrunchie, you know, like for your hair? It had clearly once been neon yellow, but it was streaked with dirt. Attached to it was some sort of lemon yellow alien/smiley face with a body/bald jaundiced fellow. Whatever it was, it was creepy. It had crazy eyes. The stitching was coming out of the band. It was clearly used.

Yep, I got a dirty, used scrunchie. I still have NO idea what I did to deserve it and I don't know if it was my cousin or his mom who thought it was a good present to send.

Lisa Doran said...

I love the soap! Great gift idea.

The worst present I ever recieved was from my crazy aunt. That year, she decided to give all of her neices and nephews the same thing: a cardboard box. The meaning behind it was kind of cute though, she said that every year when we receive ornaments we could put them in the box so they wouldn't get ruined. BUT, a box is a box. Not the best present I have ever recieved!

Holly said...

The worst gift I ever got was from my brother-in-law and sister who thought they were SOOOO HILARIOUS!

I was about 14-15 at the time and they took stuff out of MY room (MY nail polish, MY socks, MY necklaces, etc. etc.) put it in a box and SOMEHOW convinced ME to wrap my OWN present that consisted on my OWN stuff.

In the voice of Stephanie from Full House, HOW RUDE!

Sara said...

Mine was a "bad gift" but it was also a prank gift! When I was young (think elementary school) and I would go to Wal-Mart with my dad he would always point out the bras and make fun of me. So once I started actually wearing bras and wasn't embarassed about it I got him one for Christmas. His favorite ones to make fun of me for were pink lacy bras. So that's exactly what he got! I gave it to him when I was like 13 and he still has it and pulls it out once in a while to tell the story! =)

Deb Rupp said...

The worst gift I ever got was given to me last year. It was from a guy friend of mine. After I had given him his gift (Guitar Hero 3), he turned around and and gave me a box. It didnt feel like it had anything in it. I opened it up and I was right, there wasnt anything at all inside. He had written "HAHA!" on the bottom of the box...I wasnt happy...i wanted to put a piece of coal in that box, wrap it back up and give it back to him. Also, after he left that night...he went to the store and bought a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough, came back to my house, taped it to my car and left....really???! Yeah...worst christmas present I had ever gotten :p.

Kate Rudd said...

The worst gift I've ever gotten was from my grandma. For whatever reason, she and my grandpa have never really taken the time to get to know my siblings and I. In fact, they moved out of state two weeks after I was born.
So one year when I was around 12, I get my present in the mail and it is a ton of really expensive lotions and bath things. That sounds like a great gift, but one of the few things that my grandma actually DID know about me was that I had ridiculously sensitive skin (excema) that I had lots of trouble dealing with. It was the nicest Christmas gift she'd ever gotten me - and the most thoughtless.

Rachel said...

Last year at my FH's company Christmas party, I was given bloody Mary mix, and he got a box of garlic. (vampire much?) We were messing around like 3 months before that and trying to give each other hickeys...After he tried and failed, I trapped him down and got him good. It had faded by Monday for work, but apparently it was still noticeable...whoops!

sammik said...

Oh, this makes me cringe, but I'll share anyway.

When I was in elementary school, my family had very little money. Well, I really wanted to get my best friend something for Christmas, but my mom said we didn't have the money to buy anything for her. I never got an allowance, so the only money I had was a couple dollars in coins in my piggy bank.

One weekend there was a yardsale on my street and I found an ugly old Christmas teddy bear and bought it for my friend! I mean, this thing was hideous...the nose had been chewed on by a dog and I'm pretty sure it was stained in a few places. I didn't think to be embarrassed by it until a few years the time I was so happy to be able to give my friend something. The worst part is that I think she gave me something really nice!

I'm blushing now, lol.

blueviolet said...

My brother (a vegetarian) once gave me (not a vegetarian) two cans of meat substitute. He said they didn't like that kind so he thought I might like to try it.

Rachel said...

Okay, reading some of these has been hilarious!!! ;-)
I don't know if I can compete (seriously, someone taped a tube of cookie dough to someone else's car??? Really??) - but I'll try because that soap is just soooo cool!

Worst gift I ever received: It was from, yes, a crazy aunt. It was a sleep-shirt and knee-sock combination which was meant to resemble a pig. On the front of the T-shirt was the front of the pig, like it was looking at you, and on the socks were it's legs, hooves and all. On the back, you guessed it, the back of the pig, ass and all. What made it hysterical, though, was that my 2 sisters also got one - so all 3 of us got "the pig" as we called it!!

Worst gift I (apparently) ever gave: My sister swears to this day that I got her this, but I absolutely have no knowledge. According to her, when I was in high school (and she was in lowly junior high) I gave her a used old copy of a Duran Duran tape!! Evidently I had recently started getting CD's, and thought she'd enjoy one of my old tapes!!! ;-) Okay, so even though I don't remember that at all (seriously), we still crack up about it now!

Christy said...

an exboyfriend got me chili. A can of cincinnati style chili (which I love) but he expected me to be thrilled with it. Too bad I was disappointed that he didn't put more thought into it... and he ended up eating it anyway.

Tiffany said...

Those are so awesome Sabrina!!!! What a great gift!