Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The Snow day is quickly becoming a smash success.

Rachel has joined in the fray with a weather forecast.

This lead to Linda sparking one hell of a snowball fight, look out Darci!
Broke ass Bride has challenged me to an ice skating contest but um let's just say I lost horribly (PS my name's not Sylvia though I suppose it could be for the day)
Meanwhile Amy Jean and Valerie are sitting it out in the lodge enjoying some hot cocoa.
We seem to be missing Bean and Lindsey and oh no there they are, hanging out in the hot tub.Anyone else want to join in on the madness?

Edited to add: Looks like Bridechka is joining in with her own snowangel while Ashely watches with her first hot toddy.

Krista is even showing off her sledding skills.


Rachel said...

I'll fix some hot toddys!!!
Or some other kind of warm and delicious libation!
If they're going to break out the hot tub, I'm going to break out with a drink or two (repsonsibly, 'cuz since the roads are bad, we're just staying in!)

AmyJean said...

How did you know me love me some hot cocoa! Ohhh hot toddy's! Yummy! Makes me want to cut out of work early and make this story come to life :)

Ashley said...

hot toddys? hmmm... I'll need one to since I've never had the pleasure! why oh why can't that rain outside turn to snow!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm definitely quite happy to stay in the hot tub. :)

*Michelle said...

Count me in for the hottub!!

valerie said...

Haha, sweet. Mmmm. Hot cocoa.

I WOULD be hanging out in a lodge. I love snow, but only to look at. Not to feel, haha.

BTW, the attacking snowmen... they're creepers.

Krista said...

hehe ... I'll be curled up next to the fire!

Bridechka said...

Haha this is so great! Although I think after rolling around in the snow to make snow angels I am gonna need to get by fire, or maybe hop into the hot tub??? Who am I kidding I will just start drinking hot toddy's with the other ladies until we have some good stories to tell about our drunken antics.


Cate Subrosa said...

You're so cute. Sorry I didn't get a chance to join in your virtual snow day but glad it was such a success!

Kristy said...

Thanks for the link! Sorry I didn't get to comment sooner; work has been absolutely insane.