Friday, December 12, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 10

I am the hardest person in the world to shop for. Since I've been 12 my parents have asked me every year what I want for Christmas or my birthday. My usual and honest response is that I don't want anything.
What can I say? I have that supposed male mentality of if I want something I buy it, I don't really collect anything, and I have picky tastes.

But when it comes to giving presents I never resort to the task of asking. I like the challenge of scouring places, gathering ideas, and seeing what madness I can come up with for a gift. Then once I do come up with the perfect present I just can't keep it to myself and have to give it to the person two days after buying it (It was really bad with my MOH's scrapbook for the wedding. I wanted to give that to her about three days after making it, which was 6 months before the wedding).

So meet my husbands Christmas present:

Okay I actually got him the Rock Band set last year, this year he just got Rock Band 2 the game (what? We just had a wedding). My thinking was that we're heading off to his parents for a week of Christmas so he won't be able to play it when he gets there.

So figuring that it'd take us at least up til Christmas to unlock everything I said he could play it now. Yeah, we're just one Stockholm song away from unlocking all the songs. Boys. (Though I gotta say the drums this time seem a ton easier. I can actually make it through with 99% on most songs.)

Does anyone else out there have a problem keeping presents back til their supposed delivery date? Or are you just as hard as I am to buy for (my husband has totally given up for Christmas, he just asks me and while I am with him buys it)?

But the really important question, are any of you big Rock Band fans and drumming legends? Cause drums are way cooler than the guitar.


AmyJean said...

I love rock band :)

Anonymous said...

I do like to play rock band, but I haven't played it in a REALLY long time. I usually sing for I suck at keeping a beat. Oh well. It's fun!

Carly said...

I've yet to play rock band. (I know, how sad!) But my brother and L (my fiance) are obsessed with guitar hero. It has rubbed off on me a bit. I really want to try the drums! :)

valerie said...

I love Rock Band. I'm just unbelievably horrific at drums for some reason. I spent most of my life as a musician and I can't even deal with them.

My husband can't deal with gift giving. He's like you. He finds something, buys it, and almost wiggles out of his skin in anticipation of giving the gift. In fact, he gave me one of my Christmas gifts last night because he "just couldn't wait." Haha.

Kestra said...

My husband got me RockBand2 as a present because I've always wanted to play the drums! And drums ARE way cooler than the guitar. :)

Linda said...

I just played Rock Band 2 last night and I love it. Hubby wants to buy now. We're always looking for video games we can play together.

Rachel said...

What game system do you have??? We have friends that have Rock Band on the XBox and that's way cooler than on the Wii.... you can change your characters' appearances, etc. On the Wii, you're stuck with who they give you!

I have to be in the Rock Band mood. Sometimes it's tons of fun - and I'm with you, I like the drums much better than guitar - but sometimes it makes me want to poke my eyes out! Especially when they do the same songs over and over and over....
But I do like the drums! And I'm getting better on them - although I wouldn't call myself "good" yet.

Blablover5 said...

@ Rachel: We have a PS3, you can do all the same as the Xbox. My character looks just like Storm from the X-men.

Yes I am a nerd, but I think it'd be so cool to control the weather.

sammik said...

Haha, I am the EXACT same way! My fiance finally gave in this year, so we've been giving each other one gift a day for the past week or so. We only have a few more gifts left, but we'll be at his parent's house for Christmas, so we'll still be able to actually open gifts ON Christmas.

I do it for birthdays, Christmases, and anniversaries...I just can't keep them!! :)

And I don't like rock band very much, but I do play Donkey Konga a's so much fun!

Adrienne said...

Ooooh I had a chance to play this at a friends house and LOVED it. SO fun!