Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Picture a Day-Day 8

Breakfast, breakfast; where for art thou?
Deny thy dawn time and refuse to be so damn early
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
I shall create you at night

Okay no more Shakespeare here on out, I promise (note: does not apply to MacBeth). It's always been tradition in my family that rather than getting up at the crack on dawn on a Saturday and crafting a super fancy breakfast before anyone awakes, we'd all wander in after the sun sets and turn the kitchen into a huge mess trying to whip up some pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

Good to know some things never change.The last picture is my husband trying to pick eggs out of the stove that he dropped out of the pan.

Why is it that on any normal average dinner night I can usually whip something up in one or two pans, but when it comes time to a simple waffle/egg/bacon combo we fill the sink with dirty dishes and have food covering the kitchen (including a rather surprising fact: don't drop big margarine tubs as they'll split up the middle and send margarine flying)?

At least it was quite tasty in the end:

Does anyone else enjoy the wonders of breakfast but as dinner?

PS. Cate, you're not alone in being a touch confused with the term "Almond Bark." I, at first finding out about my friends love of it, assumed it to be something akin to a cinnamon stick you had to pick up from the spice section. Imaged of rubbing the oreos with a piece of wood flashed before my eyes.

In reality it's more like a vanilla flavored candy coating. I have no idea why they call it almond bark. I rather suspect someone lost a bet.


Linda said...

It seems to me the easier the meal the more dishes I use. I often use extra plates just for fun :)

Cate Subrosa said...

Ha ha, yeah I bet someone did lose a bet. So, it's just like white chocolate then? (That's what it looks like.)

Leslie said...

It's not quite like white chocolate. It melts smoother and has a different taste. Check this out.

Hopefully it helps. If you want to try it sometime a large package is really cheap and its typically found near the baking chips.

Rachel said...

I think Almond Bark has Almond extract in it... hence the name...

OMG - okay, your kitchen "after" kind of scares me! ;-)
But I too love breakfast for dinner. Yummy!

Cate Subrosa said...

Thanks, Leslie, but I don't think we have it over here in UK. And if we did, it wouldn't be near the baking chips, as those are what you call 'oven-baked French Fries' (or something...) :D

Leslie said...

Well that is definitely not where it would be then.