Friday, December 12, 2008


For the past few years when bored out of my mind in lab I've taken to making some pretty snowflakes to decorate the lab using post-it notes.

As I was in the middle of cutting some of them started to remind me of some fellow bloggers and how even though every blog starts out with the same materials (generally a lot of words and html) they each wind up completely different like a snowflake.

So here without further ado are all the snowflakes and the blogs they remind me of:

Cate always makes me smile and I hope I repay the sentiment (If you need an example just check out this comment). She's working hard on a book now, but we're still all privy to her wonderful wedding recap on her blog. I love the little smile in the middle of this snowflake.

This is my yearly attempt at a spiderweb (you can see it if you squint). I love reading Creepy Cupcakes whenever I need my Halloween fix. She has a great blog for all those Halloween lovers.

Bean's recent post about freezing her poor toes (and other extremities off) reminded me of this snowflake that looks a bit like the little thing has freezer burn. She's got some great recipe posts at Without Adornment perfect for anyone who's hungry for a little non freezer burned food.

Speaking of an amazing food blog, Linda at Silly Little Mischief always has great recipes I keep meaning to try (I did attempt the ribs and it was pretty tasty) This snowflake reminds me of a really fancy napkin and I instantly thought of her.

Rachel has been posting some gorgeous home decor as well as a beautiful set of quilt like stockings for Christmas. This snowflake reminds me of a gorgeous quilt piece. I can't wait to hear more about her wedding as well as Girl Learning Along the Way.

It amazes me just how prolific Amy Jean is. She will be there to comment on your blog be it a well known high traffic or a small back lot one. This snowflake reminded me of her amazing tenacity to visit and comment on so many blogs to make someones day with the different repeating facets. On yeah you should also check out her blog The Relentless Bride as she's always got some amazing ideas.

This snowflake immediately put me in mind of Jenna at That Wife. She always has such a sweet spiritual approach to life. Not to mention gorgeous pictures. Seriously gorgeous pictures. I love the Ice House ones.

This last one is for a woman who is overcoming a lot of obstacles in her life. She has a much quieter and less known blog Life as Wife but that doesn't make it any less cool. She's also attempting this picture a day thing like me. The snowflake is such a simple but gorgeous one it makes me think of Valerie.

I wish I could make a snowflake for every blog I regularly visit and comment on but alas my fingers were getting really pissed at me today and threatening to quit.

And for those I did make a snowflake it's totally up to you if you want to steal it and display it on your own blog or if you think it looks great here.


valerie said...

Aw, thank you Sabrina! That's pretty sweet stuff. Aren't post-its insanely small to use as snowflakes?

I'm failing miserably at the picture a day thing. I've been mulling over whether or not to post about it, but my new year's resolution (minus get healthy, etc, etc) is to do 365 Days, which is a self-portrait for 365 straight days. is the flickr pool, where you can find some pretty awesome people and photos.

So, if this picture a day business I'm trying to do now is any indication of how my NYR will turn out, yikes. *ramble ramble*

DeadmansLog said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... You made my day! And I needed to have my day made so badly!! :) I love the snowflake. I'm saving the picture.

:) :) :)

Cyd said...

This is really cute! P.S. I LOVE the new puppy avatar!

Jenna said...

Wow, that is SOME talent. I can barely make snowflakes out of regular sized paper. I really like this idea because it takes a lot of time to read and comment on all of the blogs that I do, but it's worth it to me because of the community I feel like I've become a part of. Your post made me realize that I frequently comment on and read all of the blogs you listed here, and they frequently read and comment on mine. Which mines that we are all part of some sweet little blogging circle. Thanks for illustrating that so well for me, and for pointing out Valeries great blog!

Linda said...

Thanks, Sabrina. That was really sweet. Totally brightened my day!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your snowflake skills are amazing! I am really touched that you thought of me! Thank you very much! :D

AmyJean said...


Thank you so much for the snowflake... I'm adding it to my page. OMG. It was/is so sweet of you. You don't know how much your comments/ideas/suggestions mean to me b/c you always have such a great viewpoint on things. I'm an introverted follower and dang proud of it :)

Cate Subrosa said...

Aw, Sabrina, thank you so much, that is really sweet of you. I'm glad you enjoy my silly comments! I think my blog could do with a teeny bit of Christmassing-up, so I might just have to go display that snowflake now :)

Rachel said...

Oh thank you!! That is very sweet and thoughtful of you! I can't believe you cut out all these snowflakes!!! Poor thumbs! ;-)

I will definitely be saving my snowflake!