Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Begging for Help part two

I set up that nice post and so many people came and voted sharing all their opinions. I think long and hard on all your suggestions and make a decision.

Then I go and bungle it all by making another painting that I could put in the running too.

It's coming at you in two parts due to bad photography on my part.

This is the truest color for it as well as the right sharpness on the branches and birds:After taking a little break I added the other tree which you can see here (I didn't change anything else but due to taking the picture inside it's a lot darker and due to my shaking is a mess):So should this win the coveted art showcase award (after I take much better pictures when I get home of course) or should I go with one of the other bird ones?

On another tangent it's funny that I did a bird family with two little ones as I just found out this morning that my best friend had her son at 4:18 AM. So we're taking a little road trip this weekend. Expect lots of cute baby pics.


Anonymous said...

This one is quite pretty, but I like the red bird one from your last post best, so I think that you should use it.

Chesney said...

I like the 2nd pic - and congrats to your friend, looking forward to those baby pics!

Linda said...

Tough call. I like this one too.
Congrats to your friend!