Friday, May 15, 2009

Picture a Day- Day 163

Is it Saturday yet? It's got to be Saturday, I mean I traveled a good 6 hours and only have a vague memory of taking a quick break at home for about 10 minutes. There's no way a person could jam that much excitement into one day right?

But I got to see WICKED!

Sorry getting ahead of myself there. It was such a long day I fear I'm going to have to break it up into two parts. We didn't roll into our apartment til after 11:30 last night so there was no time to really process or prepare my cool pictures either and I really want to show them off to the world looking as awesome as possible.

So for those who want all the juicy details on the witches of Oz you'll have to wait tomorrow. Sorry.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. The sky was a bright blinding blue, there was little to no breeze. (Don't worry it didn't last, because what's a spring day in Nebraska without dark clouds and rain?)I made the little trek to the university car rental lot snapping pictures and inhaling all the lovely fragrances of spring before they'd be blotted out in a few days by more torrential downpours.

Upon entering the building I struggled to get out my ID and told the man my name and that I was here for a car. He gave me a blank look and said he only had a reservation for "This Guy," and produced a card with my name boldly displayed in the corner.

I had no idea that "Sabrina" was considered a masculine name. Sure I get associated with just about any witch in existence but that was the first time I was ever thought to be a guy (well aside from on the internet where you are considered male until proven otherwise).

The slight hassle was worth it though because I got to drive this sweet little thing all the way out to the middle of no man's land Nebraska:I have no idea how this peon got such a new and practically never used car (it only have 1,000 miles on it) but it was pretty nice. A little small, my leg fell asleep both there and back and that included a stop mid way both times, but all in all it handled a lot better than the old pulled out of the lake could possibly grind to a halt at any minute car the university usually forks over to us lowly staff people.

I knew I had to get out there and back as soon as possible so I could get the cells put inside their happy containment unit and drop off the car because we were GOING TO SEE WICKED!Damn, there I go again. Getting way too ahead of myself.

Before we could catch the 7:30 show we had to get some sustenance right?

Not knowing much about the Omaha hot restaurant scene I turned to a native to ask for suggestions. As soon as Chesney (who has a gorgeous 365 photo a day blog herself) suggested a Persian place I knew that was perfect. We'd never had Persian ourselves and neither had the friend who we were meeting up with but you only live once right?An adorable little girl in a bright blue dress greeted us outside the door. Clutching a piece of paper and a crayon in her hands she asked us if we were going inside to eat and offered to hold the door. She couldn't have been more than 5.

We settled in a little early but it was a nice slow meal complete with some falafel appetizers (which were wonderful. I'd always had a small fear of them for really no good reason but these had such a deep grainy flavor and texture it was kinda like having a crumbly piece of rye bread):My husband and I opted for a Taste of Persia sampler (whenever we try new cuisines I always try to talk him into the sampler platter just to get a good taste of everything to give it a good chance). The shrimp were wonderful, and the chicken was just about the right level of spice for me. But the lamb was by far too spicy (and I mean spicy in the a lot of spice was used way not the muy calinete cartoonish way). I think it'll be quite a while before my tongue is sophisticated enough to handle the really complicated spices of Southern India and the Mid East:After the meal we languidly strolled up towards the theatre taking in the sights of a rather busy Thursday night. There were two bands hanging out on the streets, my husband even had a flier for one pushed into his hand (poor guy, just has sucker permanently tattooed on his forehead).

We even saw this. I had no idea anyone in Nebraska would be impressed with a horse drawn carriage (now a bull pulled one would be awesome). Omaha sure is a strange place. I do love how the horses used his break as an opportunity to go digging through the decorative foliage looking for a snack.After saying good bye to the interesting life in the Haymarket we bid adieu to our friend and set our sights on the theatre.

But that shall have to wait for another night. Your blog mom is tired and needs to get some shut eye.

Oh very well, and the horses broke free of the carriages and ran away to a meadow somewhere and lived happily ever after. Now go to bed!


Chesney said...

I am so glad you liked Ahmad's! I should have warned you some of the dishes could be spicy (I love spice)! LOL Sounds like you had a wonderful time in the Old Markey, now HOW WAS "WICKED"?? I am dying to know - I'm not going until later next week...

Ruby Slippers said...

I've been dying to see Wicked for YEARS but it hasn't come here yet, and therefore I'm totally jealous! I'm in love with that soundtrack. If I ever go somewhere where it's playing, the theatre is the first place I'm stopping off at!

Linda said...

I do love me some Mediterranean food. Looks delicious.
The 5 year old girl in me was excited by the Cinderella carriage.
Looking forward to hearing what you thought of Wicked.

valerie said...

Brett's a big Wicked fan and would be jealous of your Wicked-seeing-ness.

You (and Linda too) are way more adventurous in food than I am and I'm supposedly a vegetarian! I've heard than Persian and Middle Eastern foods in general are really good, with complex and amazing flavors (and a lot is vegetarian!), but I don't even know where to start.

Nebraska in general is a weird place to me, so to hear that Omaha is weird from a Nebraskan, Omaha must be one crazy strange place. ;)

Also, you SO didn't know that Sabrina was a dude's name? :p

sony said...

Aww man does that food look GOOD!