Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Etsy find of the week - Matiz

Aside from knowing that you're sure to get more pictures than you know what to do with when you visit my blog each day I've been thinking more and more that I should start to get some better structure to my non-picture a day posts. A little something to look foward to as it were.

But I don't want to box myself in too bad so I've just slated two ideas, one for Wednesday's and the other for Friday.

You'll have to wait til Friday to find out about that one but today I present my Etsy find of the week.

Just what is my etsy find of the week? Why it's where I try to find a shop that isn't all that well known or has just started up and could use a little free advertising boost. It seems like Etsy has gotten so big that if you're established you get more and more coverage while the little guys slip and fall through the cracks.

I've been lucky having all you guys (have I said Thanks recently? I really should get on that) to put the word out so I've done 10 wedding dress paintings so far (crazy I know). But I thought I'd do my Etsy job and try to find something awesome that not that many people know about.

Meet Matiz - a collection of unique prints and postcards all $20 and under.

This is her collection of postcards called Earthly Treasures. I love the seasonal shifts and moods. If I had a modicum of decorating talent they'd look great in frames to encompass that outside world our four walls keep us from.Or here's one of her prints perfect for a mother or grandmother called "I made it"
But by far the print that caught my eye the most was one that I know very well in lab land (I really should trademark that and get to work on a park. You could ride the beaker!) and at the home.

There are many other gorgeous and homey shots so go and check out her shop.

Now I'm off to find more cool and young shops that need some blog love. If you have any favorites or great finds please do share.

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Linda said...

I like those. Thanks for sharing!