Sunday, May 24, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 172

Whew, it was quite a wild day for us yesterday. We were actively shopping for a whole 3 hours (with an hour for lunch of course).

Yes, yes I know. We are quite pathetic when it comes to spending entire days devoted to finding a good deal on merchandise, but anything past 2 hours and we both start to wilt and go looking for a chair to sit on and a huge bucket of water (we're like anti-camels, we can't go an hour without needing some sort of H and two O's).

Oh right, what all did we get? Well first we entered that dark and unholy temple some call the mall. I finally bit the bullet and realized I was going to have to find some sort of dress like substance for this up coming wedding.

Meanwhile my husband had a bunch of video games to return for some store credit so I left him to it and wandered into a torn apart J.C Penny (they're adding a Sephora apparently though peering through the plastic it looks more like they're adding a caterpillar store).

It came down to two dresses. One was an exact duplicate of what my best friend wore to my wedding (though in brown) and another was a halter (which I'd never worn) in teal (which I'm so-so about). In the end the teal won. It was really comfortable, fit about right (though all dress makers seem to think I should be hauling around some cantelopes for some reason) and it looks like this dress only in teal (apparently I got a clearanced dress or something (though if I'd seen the cobalt one I would have snatched it right up).
After wiggling out of the thing for the 10th time, I wandered out of the dressing room to find my husband fighting off all the swarms of people hunting for cheap prom dresses. He'd gotten rid of the sack full of old PS2 games and instead was clutching a new free world PS3 game.

This is where I'm probably supposed to complain about men and how they always waste their money, but he only wound up spending $20 on a new game thanks to trading in all the old ones while I had just bought a $60 dress, it's kind of an exciting game because for once I get to come along on the campaign, and I also planned it so he could get the thing anyway.

I'm sneaky like that.(I just stuck this pretty picture of a Daisy here because I thought it was quite lovely and doesn't fit with the theme at all today)

While wandering around I spotted something that was a lovely blast from my childhood. It's sad just how rare they really are anymore, but we couldn't resist the allure and had to investigate.Yep, definitely a candy store!

I remember the Mr. Bulky's of my heyday and the excitement of looking at all of the bins to see just what object they could make but in chocolate or even gummy form.

Figuring hey it's a holiday, we got a bag of some of the randomest gummies that entertained us.
There were gummy octopi, gummy mice (with really long tails that you can't see in the picture), gummy penguins with a nice peach flavor, and for some reason gummy cola pandas. I don't ask but I do quite enjoy tasting.

We also found an even bigger blast from the past. Remember these?
Although in my day they were white sticks with powder so you could even pretend you were blowing smoke. Now, apparently, it's just sticks of chocolate. But still got to love that fake cigarette packaging.
And that's what a day shopping is like for Mr. and Mrs. Introverted Wife. We split up for the boring clothes shopping and then get great big bags of candy to relive the glory days of sticking your tongue to the flag pole.

Yeah we never really claimed to be normal anyway.


Chesney said...

A fun day at the mall, I haven't done that in ages! I can't even remember the last time I was in a mall! Fun pics! (and love that daisy)!

Linda said...

Cute dress!
what game did he get? Tai's been consumed by an online game lately so we haven't been to the game store.
I used to love those candy cigarettes. I'll keep an eye out for the real thing. Chocolate doesn't sound as good!

valerie said...

mmmmmmmmm. gummy things. that's all i'm gonna say, haha.

AmyJean said...

I like the gummi candy picnic pic... that is too cute!

Leslie said...

CANDY CIGARETTES! (something just shot out my nose...)