Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time to be a Killjoy

I hate hate hate HATE HATE shit like this: Why? After all it's just supposed to be light hearted satire on the whole "Guys are thought of as cart horses that are only interested in sex and will put up with any amount of torture to get some female companionship."

Because so many males actually believe all that tripe and will parade around preaching it from the pulpit in order to excuse their awful views on half the population. I've put up with hearing about how every single woman is just after a guys wallet and will just rip his heart out the first chance she gets so many times I think I've gone deaf in one ear. Of course this is coming from guys who have never had a girlfriend and the closest they came into contact with the other gender is through some pixels on a computer screen.

There has been a constant demonizing of women throughout history and a fear that if women have any power over men (and any interest in sex) then society will crumble and men will pay. It was wide spread beliefs during the Renaissance and Victorian era.

"The wickedness of women is greater than all the wickedness in the world." It is because of women, Eve or Pandora, that all the horrible things in the world occurred. So only by forcing her to submit to men can good happen and having her actually in charge would be against nature. A fear of women using sexuality to get what they want was such a fear for the Victorians they considered it a disease for a woman to be interested in sex (hence why it's called a hysterectomy to have all those women organs removed).

Now look at that joke magazine again. Because that guy doesn't keep his woman in check he's stuck doing all these horrible things, she dares to take power over a weak man because once given an opportunity every woman will turn into a harpie and make a man's life a living hell. We even call it being whipped, which is a form of either torture or a means to elicit work from labor animals.

The worst part is that this was posted by a woman. A woman who knows that it's a reflection of a farce and hyperbole, yet still to fit in with a certain male view of women she just had to share it and continue the stereotype. So once again a handful of guys (probably in their teens or 20's) will see that, laugh and partly think it's all true.

That's right, women are plotting against you guys and we're just out to get all your money, your testicles and leave you with the dishes.

Now excuse me, I think my eye of newt potion is bubbling over.


Bride in Exile said...

I think you just helped me figure out why I get so mad when my fiance says things like "she's in charge" or "I know my place" in public. He means it lightheartedly, but joking or not, it feeds the stereotype that because he's engaged he's whipped and has no will of his own. And god, that kind of crap just makes my blood boil. Fine, if you don't want to deal with anyone else's wishes and opinions, stick with the airbrushed, pixelated women on the internet's myriad of free porn sites. Just don't pretend to have some deep insight into all of womankind when you can't be bothered to actually talk to any of us or treat us like human beings.

Tayia said...

I completely agree with this entire post!

Linda said...

Wait. Was that real or fake?
One of Tai's friend's always says that he's whipped and I'm too controlling. Tai is quick to point out to him that we are devoted to each other and each other's needs. What his friend considers whipped, Tai points out is an expression of his love for me. He put our needs ahead of his own and never leaves me out.