Monday, May 4, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 152

"The octopus/monkey or the purple?"

"Okay the crocodile/weird walrus or the teal?"

This was a very important debate my husband and I were having at Target. After putting it off and giving up last year, I wasn't going to let another opportunity pass me by this summer.

Even though it was slim pickings we settled on the strange and motley crew of happy go lucky animals as our new sun tea pitcher dispenser: I was so excited I put it outside as soon as we got home (okay I did add water and tea bags, it'd be kinda pointless to out an empty pitcher out there) only to have the sun vanish for the rest of the day and never dare to show its golden head again.

So instead of getting a nice and refreshing sun tea I wound up with something a bit more bitter and strange:I think the sun was messing with me. Making promises of delightful iced tea and then just as quickly rescinding those rights.

Growing up we were about 1,000 times more likely to have the options of iced tea to drink with meals over just about any other beverage. I was the rebel daring to drink milk or even the horror of horrors just water.

I never really got the plain ol' iced tea bug but oh that sun tea is something different entirely. I don't know if it's the UV breaking down certain compounds but I swear it tastes completely different. It's a little bit of summer in each glass.

What do you think about iced tea? Anyone else got a special pitcher just for making the coveted sun tea? What did you always have to drink at meal times growing up?


Chesney said...

You nailed one of my favorites since high school. I rarely drink soda (never have)! Iced tea and crystal light are my beverages of choice! Love your new jar - mine has pink flamingos and sandals all over it!

withoutadornment said...

I've never really liked iced tea - both the stuff from the bottle and the stuff made from actual tea. To be honest, I've never actually seen one of those jars before.

Leslie said...

I really dislike iced tea, but yes there's a big difference between regular iced tea and sun tea. I'll actually drink sun tea.

Linda said...

I love tea-iced and hot. I've never successfully made sun tea. I might have to try again this summer.

Jennifer said...

Sun tea! Sooo much better than iced-tea. We always drank milk for dinner when were kids, although summer we did get a few nights of tea or kool-aid!