Monday, May 25, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 173

Do you ever get the feeling that you can, at a moment's notice, emit an EM pulse to kill any appliance within a 3 mile radius?

I went through three TV's in college. Not because I was hard on them by any means (okay one roommate was) but because they were those stupid tape/tv combos and if the TV made through the year without fritzing out the tape deck would die.

Well the TV didn't die yesterday but something else has shed off its mortal conductor coil.

My husband has claimed the job of cleaning up the kitchen (he also learned how to clean up the bathroom and won himself the "Know how to scrub the toilet" trophy yesterday) and while I was dusting off the coffee table he put a little thing of water inside of the microwave.

When he turned his back there was a loud "Blarp". Or maybe it was more like a "Blonk." Regardless a really loud noise, the smell of smoke, and a dead microwave.

Bye bye Mr. Microwave. I hit up some stores to read the on-line reviews and it was quite depressing really. Every single one had at least 5 one star reviews bemoaning how the thing only lasted a few years and they just had to go out and buy another one. Which is basically my track record for microwaves anyway.

Sadly, they just don't make them like they used to. Like toasters they seem to assume that you'll just chuck your microwave after a few years and buy the latest technological feat anyway (It's amazing how far toast tech has really come. I hear they're coming out with a new setting. They're gonna call it '6').

But we needed a new one, for all of our water boiling purposes. So we took the lesser of 30 evils and got one that's a bit smaller but will hopefully survive a few years:
Happy Memorial Day to everyone on this side of the pond. I'd love to have some gorgeous and sentimental pictures to celebrate but sadly I don't.

So instead here's a rather spooky image I caught while we were house hunting yesterday. We visited a house built in 1968 but it felt a good 100 years older. While they updated the outside to look as modern as possible, it felt like they hadn't touched the inside at all. The whole thing had an eerie feeling as if we stepped back in time and ran into some confederate soldiers playing monopoly with Napoleon.Finally, here's the big reason why The Grim Reaper kept to his wheat and never branched out into pig farming:Happy Memorial day everyone.


Linda said...

we've been lucky with our microwave. I've had it for 8 years it's still going strong. Although I loathe to use it, but Tai loves it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Memorial Day - you lucky americans.

Our toaster died in 6 months. It's probably the appliance I use the most as pretty much any bread I eat is toasted. It was quite sad.

Chesney said...

Hope your new microwave lasts this time! Love your "haunting" picture, tells a story without words!