Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 160

Sunday was my first ever stop by, rifle through some random persons shit, nab a cookie and move onto another one routine. It's best known as an Open House.

There's something very off putting to me about going to some strangers house, opening up random doors, checking out closets and the bathrooms without either knowing who owns the house or being led around. Like I'm breaking some major social taboo. Add in the fact that I am now surgically attached to my camera and all in all I felt a little weird at our first one.
It was a pretty nice little place for a starting family. Reminded me a bit of the house I grew up in, though there was more wall paper than I thought was humanely possible (the Geneva convention outlaws well paper, right):
I thought for a second the basement was actually the lobby of a super 8 motel, or if I wasn't careful Terry Redlin would come out of the walls and try to sell me a scenic lamp shade with matching base and little train set.

There was also a really nice open backyard with just about no landscaping to speak of: Lots of good running space for kids and dogs though they may have to be tethered to something as right over the hill sits a rather major highway:
All in all it was a pretty nice house, but it was also our first so of course we're gonna keep looking. We did hit one other house that was way too big for us and was full of college students snuffing around and then that one hour of open houses was up.

Now begins the not so fun work of scouring the internet, sifting through the options and going on more open houses. It's kinda weird to, another notch in the being an adult belt.

Did the getting a degree thing, got married, and now looking for a house. I just hope I don't blink and suddenly find myself getting ready to retire.


Leslie said...

The realtor didn't even walk you through it and then let you wander around?

Linda said...

That huge backyard. You could do so much with with!

Chesney said...

I don't know about Lincoln, but I am assuming it is the same as Omaha, if you can help it, don't buy a house that backs to a busy street. Appraisers normally will knock appr $2500 off the house, plus it will double the re sale market time. I know you say you will be there for the rest of your life, but trust me, you probably won't! :)