Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 154

I think I'm just gonna slink back to bed. I'll have the little ankylosaurus on top of my computer write my posts instead. It's just been that kind of a day.

And since I've only been awake for a little over an hour you know it's gotten really bad.

Cue flash back sequence.

It all started yesterday when I was fighting with the post office and their stupid print off a packing slip application (they have a deep hatred of all macs apparently as I have never gotten it to work on mine at home so I have to at work which is let's just say the not most up to date computer). After failing a few times I finally got it to go through.

Then I moved onto less important stuff, mostly pouring plates. I got everything ready for it, got the broth all made and was divvying it out among the flasks:Right after autoclaving for an hour, as I was looking at them wondering just why they looked so clear it hit me. I used the wrong media! Instead of the agar which would harden into making plates I just autoclaved a bunch of media that won't do jack shit but sit there and get moldy.

No big deal, I'll do it again today. I'm glad I didn't waste all the plates before I realized what I did.

But before stopping in today I had to drop off the package I worked so hard to get the packing slip for at a post office as it's international and they have to make sure I'm not trying to explode Canada or something.

Get into my office, find internet isn't working, fiddle around and realize the cleaning staff pulled out the ethernet cord. Plug it in, check my e-mail and find out that apparently the person who bought the painting had the wrong address on paypal and wanted it shipped elsewhere.

People, please, just put the right address in paypal. It's the surest way you'll get your stuff and paypal has an option to just print labels and takes it out of your balance.

So now I'm trying to track it down and beg the post office to change it. I called 15 minutes ago, so far no dice. Here's hoping.

In the mean time I think I'll just crawl back under the covers, hide my head and wait for the world to go away for a bit.


Chesney said...

Great morning sleeping in with the rain and all! When the sunshine comes wake up! :) Happy dreaming!

Anonymous said...

Good luck working with the post office!

Linda said...

Ugh! Sorry that really sucks. Hopefully it will work out. If not you have my permission to head back to bed and forget the rest of today.