Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 175

I thought I was prepared for an empty lab.

I had a nice list of things to do. I made plans for how to eat up the time spent waiting for things to get done.

Then they had to go and kill all the steam across campus. And no steam = no autoclave. No autoclave = I can't get a damn thing done because everything in a microlab has to be as sterile as I can make it.

One can only spin in her chair hoping the things will come back so many times before she gets a little dizzy and has to stretch her legs. So I took the chance to enjoy some nice weather in our pretty little arboretum while I dug into a new book about the Crusades:Wait that's not a picture of my book. Let me try again.

I was a bit hesitant to try this book as I know next to nothing about the Crusades but it's really sucked me in (I love it when bookstores are trying to unload their hardcovers because the popular books are already in paperback, I get some great deals):Nope still not right. Though if I was reading about the house of Lancaster you'd be a bit more on the nose. Ah there we go. See was that so hard?
I even had a little time to drop in on my husband early and catch him all decked out in his professional lab coat looking all serious and stuff:

What do you do to kill some unexpected time when things just decide they don't want to work?

One time when I was in college we had the power go out on the entire campus so those of us still in the dorms all huddled out in the hall and played card games for the couple of hours or so it was out. Made going to the bathroom kinda interesting though as they never put any windows in there. So you had to go in equipped with a flash light. If the power was going to be out any longer we were gonna jerry rig us up a spelunkers helmet.

Anyone else going through a weird slump now that the holiday is over but a lot of people are either still on vacation or are just not in the mood to work too hard?


Linda said...

In the 4 years I've worked here we've had 3 days where we were closed for toxic fumes. It's like a free pass. A bunch of us wandered around til they let us go home. It was like being a lost puppy.
We keep wishing for another one of those days!

Chesney said...

Work is picking up for me, now that all the trips and graduation parties are over people are back to thinking about buying a house! :)

Jennifer said...

I feel you. We had Monday off, of course, but we also have Friday off for an obscure holiday that I am grateful for. So we have a skeleton staff at best and those of us here are pretty punchy, especially since I have a vacation next week!

Anonymous said...

There aren't too many people on holidays here currently... Once the summer rolls around there will be. At one of my summer jobs, I was one of two people on my side of the floor for a day. It was so weird!