Thursday, May 28, 2009

I got scooped!

If you haven't yet today head over to Cake Wrecks right now. Don't worry I'll wait.

Trust me. I'll just sit here and work on this crossword.

Did one of those pictures seem a little familiar?

Remember oh late April? About a month ago. That's right! I took that picture.

Only that wasn't my picture. Oh, the shame. The horror. I got scooped on a blog devoted to hilarious cakes gone wrong!

I was Iced and ButterCreamed!
I should do something about it! Call in the copyright police! Get Oprah on the phone! Write a million dollar book deal! Boycott all baked goods!

Okay, putting all false anger and outrage aside (Wait I got one more, Won't somebody please think of the children?!) this is probably the first time I've ever really suddenly had the ubiquitous of the internet felt.

Because this means that someone else on the web that visits CakeWrecks enough to take a camera into a grocery store not only lives in my same town but also shops at the same grocery store (and yes we do have more than one in Nebraska) we got our wedding cake from.

I see all these other blogs in more metropolitan areas talking about how they met up with some other local friendly blogger and had a great time. I think the closest ones I live to are in Texas or possibly Chicago. So more like a major vacation instead of a day trip to hang out.

And now there's suddenly someone out there, swooping in and stealing all my awesome ideas. I better not spot an Extroverted Paintings shop on Etsy anytime soon that offers painting of ring bearers and flower girls's clothes or I may have to call for another boycott of baked goods, and no one wants that.

In all honesty if the other "screwed up graduate faces" photographer stops by here for some magical reason I'd love to go out to said grocery store, share a few cookies, and comment on that huge weird ass bunny they had in the display case over Easter.


Rachel said...

LOL!!! I remember that picture!
What a small world! I wonder if they know about you? Hmmmm.... just think, they could be stalking you!
You know, it's funny. Jenna (That Wife) and Mohito Maven both live in Dallas - and I'm sure they're not the only ones. Anyways, I've chatted with Jenna about possibly meeting up, but it never happened.

There does seem to be tons of bloggers in Chicago though.

But, if you're ever in Texas - well, close to the DFW area, I'll definitely meet up! And if we're ever up in Nebraska, I'll let you know.

Chesney said...

All I can say is it's a small world!