Monday, May 11, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 159

Hurray! Graduation time has come and passed!

No more school! WOOOHOOO!

Now to get back to work with barely anything changing at all.
It is a bit strange at times working at a university that is basically a typical business having the same amount of time off as a bank (well okay maybe not as much as a bank) or any other office but still we all get super excited and happy when all the students are gone freeing up the parking lots and just letting the place breathe a bit.

We attended a double graduation party this weekend where I got to give away my paintings as oh let's call it a present (really it was just the first time I'd seen either of them since I'd finished):
As the night started to creep in it became clear that it was time to start up the ol' fire pit:
Just so we can make a S'More!There's just something magical about a couple of graham crackers, a bit of hersheys and a flaming marshmallow. They fit together to create the perfect summer night food and are an instant pick me up.

I also got to work on my fire picture taking skills. They are considerably lacking as I seem to sway back and forth like a kite stuck on the high wire, and I probably stuck my head in a bit to close as I smelled like I'd been hanging around too many pilgrims in a witch accusing mood.

It's also incredibly hard trying to steady yourself enough to take a good picture while holding a flaming piece of sugar on a stick in the other hand. I'm way too impatient to and promptly set every marshmallow on fire (marshmallow's are not good models at all):Are there any other graduates out there? Anyone else just happy to have school out or almost out?

Who else is suddenly craving a S'More right now? Maybe I need to crumple up some old journals into a metal trash can, cut down a few sticks and get my own campfire going. Best way to celebrate graduation ever.


Chesney said...

Funny you posted this post now - my boys came home Saturday night wanting a fire pit to make s'mores - one of their friend's parents must have had one! Those do look mighty tasty I do have to say!

Leslie said...

I LOVE SMORES!! Makes me want to go camping.

atout said...

Those s'mores look delicious! I'm graduating (in 2 weeks!) with my masters in Biotech and am having a hard time not skipping everywhere!

Linda said...

Awesome fire pit!

AmyJean said...

Looks like so much fun! :) I want me some smores!

Jennifer said...

in a fairly large city (just about a million people) with a big university squished in (30,000 students). I am so excited for Saturday...graduation day, schools out and my city gets to breath a bit!