Friday, May 29, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 177

Yesterday my husband and I skipped out of work early (not that either of us were missing anything, bacteria can be so dull) to meet with our realtor.

Yep we got ourselves a realtor. He was recommended to us by the mortgage loan guy. I should have figured it out about as soon as we got into his truck and I spotted the camo baby seat but it wasn't til we got onto discussing what we were looking for in a house that a dog came up.

I left my poor husband to fill in most of the conversation gaps (I am a real pain to most salesmen as I go super quiet while going into my contemplative phase so they're forced to either just wander off or talk to my husband) and he brought up that we really want a good sized back yard for a dog.

Which dog? Why my Dad raises black labs so a big ol black dog of course. Really? Where are you from, what's your last name?

Long story short (actually that was probably the long story, sorry about that) it turns out that our realtor is into hunt tests and has met my dad a few times (there's also a small possibility I've seen him before as well as his name seemed oddly familiar before we started). It is indeed a small world.

Anyway to the houses. We saw five. Two were right out (in fact we vetoed them on Sunday but well maybe they deserved a second look, right honey?). One we kicked out as it just didn't really fit our style.

So we come to the last two. Both are split level, both are blue on the outside (not saying it's important just kinda funny), both have about the same layout and we could see ourselves living in both.

But one stands out more. It's a bit bigger and a bit more expensive but they already have a dog kennel built in (and friendly puppies that really wanted to play) and two bathrooms.We're gonna hit a few more open houses this weekend and see if there's anything else that trips our fancy, but so far out of everything we've seen this wins.

The strange thing is that every time we meet with someone we're always told that it's going to be an emotional decision, that as soon as we enter a house we'll know, etc etc.

I hope no one is looking to me to make the emotional decision because I carry around some ovaries. I'm as cool as a Vulcan in Rura Penthe when it comes to making decisions. Picking a wedding dress I weighed the pros and cons of what I found and picked (still in one day) the one that I found fit the best, was the cheapest, and I could easily spend a day in.

There was never an "A Ha!" moment then and I rather doubt I'll ever have one when it comes to house hunting, and certainly not as soon as I enter a house (I have to at least check out the backyard first).

Sorry, just my mad ramblings on house hunting. Maybe I'll put something much more concise about the whole experience down when we're finally all done. For now you get half thoughts and random pictures of someones fireplace.

It could be worse. I could make more Star Trek references.


Chesney said...

You make me laugh! I have discovered there are really 2 types of buyers, the first being like me - an emotional buy, and the second being like my husband (and sounds like you), very methodical - weighing out the options. I don't know if one way is better than the other, they both eventually get to the same decision LOL

Caroline said...

Wow, good luck with the house hunting! SO excited you guys have found something you think could be the one! Black labs...are adorable! If you ever go to Martha's Vineyard you need to go to THE BLACK DOG, it's a great store that has clothing and accessories with a black lab on them. It's absolutely necessary to go there! Especially for owners of a black lab!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your continued house search! Once you've picked one, you'll show pictures, right?

Linda said...

I for one never tire of Star Trek references.
A built in dog kennel/dog run sounds perfect.

Linda said...

So what was the Friday post? If Wednesday was etsy, what's Friday's focus?

Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

Lol :) I enjoy the Star Trek references. But really, this is exciting! Keep us updated!