Monday, May 11, 2009

Straight lines are so last year

Hunting for housing is quite strange. I'll talk more about it all tomorrow but it leaves me feeling kinda icky to have to nit pick something someone probably spent hours working on and I have no idea who this person is nor will I possibly ever.

And while tastes in paint, bathroom fixtures, and even help me wallpaper are debatable I think there's one thing all houses should have: straight lines.

So what's up with this?I'm worried if we did go to see that house I'd find myself trapped in the corner with my hair snagging the ceiling ala Willy Wonka.

So just one house has this weird M.C. Escher design going on. Who would make a house with more curves than Marilyn Monroe at Nascar? It's got to be the only one right? Right?I'm not sure if I should be wearing special glasses to make the place look like it's coming at me or if I cross my eyes a dolphin will appear. Who really thought taking a forced perspective image of a living room would encourage more people to buy it? It just makes me eyes water and my brain weep into a corner.

Back into the pile you go. A house hunters work is never done.

Oh why not one more. Check out the bathroom.If you're in there for too long the walls will compress and squash you flat so hurry up in that shower damn it!


Linda said...

I think it was the camera but it was a very Willy Wonka-sque house. I can't wait to hear about ones you've visited!

DeadmansLog said...

Oh you crazy fish-eye panoramic lens, you... :)

Chesney said...

I love how you see things!

AmyJean said...

lol... i like it!