Sunday, May 10, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 158

Ever since I started painting people have been harping on me to take a class, so I finally buckled down and found one I'm interested in:Though in retrospect this probably isn't the type of class they all meant.

Is it kinda funny that the first class my husband and I will be doing together since getting married (we did take one class together when we were dating but it was Biochem and for actual needing to graduate credit so not as much fun as say ballroom refurbishing) involves tombstones and corpse busters?

I really can't wait for Halloween this year, especially if we have a house we can really decorate up. Is it October yet?


valerie said...

That looks like a pretty kick-ass class. Make sure you take pictures during this thing!!

Linda said...

That class looks right up your alley! Good choice.

Chesney said...

I can hardly wait for your Halloween pics - I am sure they will be great, I have now doubts!