Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 168

Summer's here! (well maybe not on the calendar but when has that ever been with the times?)Time to break out the sandals, the sunscreen and head to the beach. Only there's one thing wrong with that (okay two really, but I could always dig myself a pond steal a sand box and call that a beach) I am not a big sunscreen person.

It takes a lot to get me to burn, in fact I don't think I've ever burned my arms or legs. It's more the areas that generally don't get any sun that are suddenly on display once summer comes around. So I'm generally really lax with the sunscreen (about a million times more than my German/Irish mother or my Polish/Czech husband) but I thought I should try to get myself into the habit of at least putting an SPF 15 on my face.
Enter Sephora's Sun Safety Kit. It contains 13 sample sizes of different facial sunscreens (really fancy stuff I'd never have tried on my own) so I can test run and see if I can find just that perfect one that stays on, doesn't cause me to break out and I don't feel like I've got paint on my face while wearing it. (It also came with a really weird yellow backpack that I have no idea what to do with. Why do kits always have to come with stupid and pointless bags? Is there a major lobby in the bag industry I don't know about?)

There's also a sun screen made just for guys (no idea what would make it any different. Maybe they filled it with ox musk and it's as thick as spackle for all their sweaty shenanigans because we all know women never sweat) that I handed over to my husband who really needs it much more than I.
I'm currently trying out the middle one with the watermelon on the box. It really does smell like that summer melon treat which is a nice change up from the typical chemical scented drugstore options.

Each bottle is so small that they fit easily in a pocket so it's a lot easier to remember to take it with me and use it. There are also a few options for the eye area and one or two that are supposed to help clear up problem areas as well.

I'm thinking I should make a little consumer chart as I try each one and give a final verdict on the best options. What do you think? Would anyone else be interested?

Is anyone else not so good at the new mantra of SPF every day in beauty land? Have you tried to get it into a routine and if so how?

Now excuse me, I have to do a cannonball into my super awesome sized kiddie pool.

Summer rules!


valerie said...

I'd be interested in said chart.

I burn easily. I can just think about the sun and I'll get a nasty sun burn, so I'm interested in what you find you like. My face is so strange and finicky too. Argh.

I do wear sunscreen (at least SPF 15) every day, but you've seen pictures of me. I'm pasty, near dead white. :)

Jennifer said...

Good for you for making a change! I can't walk into a room with open windows without sunscreen. But thats only after I managed to really damage my only 31 year old face. So good idea to make the change before you see any damamge.

Linda said...

I only put sunscreen on my face. I know I'm bad. I rarely hit the beach so I don't slap sunscreen on to go to work. I probably should when I'm out and about.

Leslie said...

Of course I have to play your local Mary Kay Consultant. Have you tried the timewise day solution. I really like it, though I'm horrible at remembering to wear it. I'm not so good at remembering sunscreen for myself, but Brian and Brett are always covered in it. Red hair in the family makes me think a bit differently now.

Chesney said...

I live in sun screen, if I burn I just peel and turn white again! LOL

Rachel said...

I've used stuff from the Cosmedicine before and liked it, although I haven't tried that one. Definitely tell me how it is!!
Right now I use the Skin Fuel spf 15 from Kiehl's. Yes, it's "supposed" to be for men, but whatever. I like it. It has the vitamins and minerals and sunscreen. Which is very important to geezers like me over 30!!! See, I used to not burn - hardly ever. But now... it's a different story. While helping out at the Special Olympics last month, we were outside for about 2 hours maybe. My arms, chest- where exposed (v-neck shirt), and neck were BURNED. My face, because of the Facial Fuel, didn't burn (hooray!).

But the biggest reason for spf?? Sun spots. Seriously. I have some on my face, and they suck. Gone are the days of my creamy perfect even complexion. That's why I cringe when I hear of people going to the tanning beds!!!