Friday, May 22, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 170

Hello?Is anyone here? *Finds note attached to keyboard and reads it*Hi, we've all gone on vacation for a week or so. Try to hold the fort when we're gone. Also don't forget to feed the zombies and rotate the vampires coffins once a day. Ta.I'm going to be a very lonely and slightly bored individual as my boss is gone and my lab mate has booked it over to Ireland for a week.

Including the fact that I woke up this morning and was damn certain that today just had to be Saturday and I could just sleep in and relax today's post is just going to be full of pretty pictures of flowers. So sit back, shut off your brain and soaking in the lovelies.

For those of you still around, I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day and take lots of fun pictures so you can share later.And for those who don't celebrate or aren't going anywhere (like me) don't worry I'll still be here to entertain you with my capering antics for months and months to come. Months and months, maybe even years.Isn't that exciting?


Linda said...

I thought today was Saturday too. I'm looking forward to a long weekend of nothing.

Chesney said...

We are not doing anything for the holiday either, just yard work! Your pictures motivated me, gorgeous!

valerie said...

Sooo, it wasn't you with the mad hatter photos, of course. :p

I'm the "take everything else" photographer. My friend could only afford about two hours of photo coverage and she wanted me to take pictures of her and her fiance getting ready before the wedding, plus anything else I wanted to do. It is a lot less stressful than capturing the whole thing, but I'm still feeling nervous, haha.

There's something about doing stuff for a friend that makes you extra nervous. it's like, if I screw up on some of this, she's going to hate me forever because I'm her friend... I'm supposed to do better than just some random person she hired! She did offer to pay me. Hmm. haha

Have a great weekend. I'm not doing anything extra to celebrate Memorial Day that I know of, mostly because I'm three hours away from my family. B and I might go have a picnic or something.

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful flowers!

Have a lovely weekend!