Thursday, May 14, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 162

Don't forget to start the engine while you make up a batch of cookies and look online for flowers for the cells your about to pick up.

If I seem a bit frazzled it's because about 3,000 things all hit today and I'm scrambling to finish them all before I go mad!

Let's see, first off today is Wicked day! But that's not til the end, sorry got ahead of myself. I'm scrambling today because I suddenly have to drive 3 hours to go pick up some cells and make it back in time to then travel an hour for the musical.

Okay, okay we have to back up some. The first thing I had to do was start an unexpected wedding dress painting because this weekend is going to be very busy with the baby visits and all. I'm starting to break off more than I can chew with these sometimes.

"Oh sure, I can have it done and shipped to you in a week. No problem."

Then I take a look at the pictures and my jaw drops. Beading, check. Weird bunched folds all up and down the bodice, check. Pickups that could swallow a small dog, oh that's a big ol check.

I used to just wait til I was home and had the canvas in front of me before I would start to visualize the dress and turn it two dimensional. But more and more as the larger challenges come in I've taken to try and discern from pictures and get a shape whenever I get a free break at work.

This is my quick sketch using a pen of the dress I spent oh about 3 hours on yesterday and am no where done on (the painting was 3 hours the sketch maybe 15 minutes).
Ignore the text, important phone call I had to jot down fast. It's the simplest outline but it did get me thinking about all those other fashion sketches hanging around.

I'm probably the odd man out but when I sit down to make my paintings I like to keep as close to the body size of the original owner as possible (there are some changes as I try to balance the dress with the canvas) meanwhile traditional fashion sketches aim for something a bit more other worldly.

So there's maybe .1% of the population that comes kinda close to looking like this, if you ignore the incredibly long torso, razor sharp clavicles, necks made out of a reed diffuser, and lips the size of Christmas hams.

I really think the fashion industry is trying to secretly create a race of alien looking women so they can film fake abductions and make millions. Just compare the two pictures with this:

So I guess all I'm getting at is if you want a more lifelike sketch of what clothes look like on a real human body, in opposed to some sort of strange moon man from Titan, look to me. I'd also do it for way less than $100 because I can get a good deal on colored pencils.

And now I am off on another wild and wacky adventure! I'll catch you all on the other side!

(Opens up wormhole and slides back to the Land of the Lost)


withoutadornment said...

Haha! You're right - those sketches do look like aliens. Maybe fashion designers secretly think that all models are a special type of human being from space?

Have fun at wicked tonight!

Chesney said...

Your views always give me my morning smiles and this one is no different. Great take! Have fun at Wicked - let me know what you think (and where you ate)! :)

Jenna said...

WICKED! I am so excited for you. I think you can tell from my excitement that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that musical.

Linda said...

You are right. Artist sketches aren't realistic. I love the tie into aliens though.
Have a great time at Wicked. Looking forward to hearing what you think.