Monday, March 23, 2009

Banks need open bars

I could use a drink as I start to dip my toe into the trials of home ownership.

I could use a double and I put some info into a mortgage calculator and find out how little we can get for a house.

I could steal the entire liquor cabinet from the set of Mad Men after looking at how little of my paycheck would be left after paying for the mortgage.

Too bad the hardest thing I throwback is ginger ale. Maybe it's time I move up to sarsaparilla.

How much do you think sod houses go for?


Chesney said...

You are too funny!! If you need a drink to buy a house, I think I need drinks when I sell them LOL!

Linda said...

I need a drink to look at my checking account balance!

Anonymous said...

I assume you're looking into buying a home? Good luck!

If you're looking into mortgages, find a mortgage broker as they will be able to shop around to find you the best rate.

AmyJean said...

Staying afloat with my mortgage is my biggest concern in these hard times... but so far so good. It's such a great feeling to own something ... you feel like an adult :) Good luck. Maybe next time you should drink on your way to the bank?

Jennifer said...

ugghhh. us too.