Friday, March 13, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 100

YES! It's my 100th day of pictures and I'm just getting my second wind! Take that all you naysayers who thought my life would be far too boring to document each day (pretty much it was just I that was my naysayer, I'll punish myself later I promise).

And not only that but it's also Friday the 13th! Oh no look out for Freddy and Jason and the boogie man and a cat that glares at you with a mean face.

Hang on, hang on.

Didn't we just have one of these like a month ago?

You know, I'm not your press agent or anything, but if you keep showing up every month people just aren't going to be as in awe of you Mr. Friday the 13th.

Kinda like having ice cream for breakfast everyday. Sure you're thrilled the first few days, you're getting a touch tired of it after the first 2 weeks, come a month and you're dreaming of pancakes and cereals at work. If you somehow managed to last a year on the all ice cream breakfast you're sure to be a mad blubbering shell of what you once were.

So really, Friday the 13th, do you want to turn insane bashing mirrors on your head while you walk cats under ladders? I didn't think so. Let's try to dial it back, please.

Now for the picture of today. It comes from us via the halls right in front of the lab:

They've been slowly replacing the floor. And by slowly I mean they'll rip up random tile off the floor down a hall and slowly replace a handful over the rest of the day (this was taken at about 3 yesterday so they only got a small patch finished).

Last week there was one point when I couldn't leave the lab as they were all huddled around the floor right outside the door putting sticky glue down. (Sounds like an evil plan by certain PI's that really wish they could chain their grad students to the bench).

I say we should have a "Floor Missing" day declared so we can all go home and be thankful we have a floor there. Maybe get a pinata of a mop and broom or something. Hug your vacuum.

Is anyone trying to steal your floor where you work? I am getting better at playing Black Hopscotch at least, dodging and weaving over the missing tiles.

The better question though, who is going to join me in a letter writing campaign to suggest Friday the 13th take a break for the year? Maybe visit friends and family (I hear the Ides of March is missing him) and just give us a break from all those stupid articles that get put up about how suspicions work and the history behind it all. Only together can we make a difference.


Leslie said...

Amazingly, we just had the same problem not too long ago with our floor tiles, though when they put ours back, they used different colors and they're not sticking well so you can trip on the new tiles. That is, assuming you don't slip on them because the new tiles are terribly smooth compared to the old ones.

Lindsey said...

Yay congrats on the 100th day on our SECOND Friday the 13th of 2009, haha!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 100 days! Only 265 left to go!

In the later fall they ripped up all the carpets and replaced them. I was happy I didn't have bins of stuff to pack up and then unpack when they were done. Poor geologists and their 50 billions maps!

Chesney said...

Fun, I can almost see Jason walking down that hall way with his mom! Eeeerie! LOL