Friday, March 20, 2009

A beach wedding with a kitty

I didn't want you all to be too worried that I'd fallen off the wedding dress bandwagon recently.

I've recently finished a commission for Megan from her Maui wedding. She asked me to include her puppy as well as her kitty. So I guess this means I can paint kitties now too.

It's funny how the cat started out looking really evil. Then I added more to the eyes so then it looked like it was plotting something. Now it just looks happy. Kinda interesting how easily one can change the emotions just with a little extra paint in the eye or mouth area.


Lindsey said...

you're so talented!

melissa said...

This may be my favorite one yet. Because of the ocean and animals. Great job.

AmyJean said...

I love the animals incorporated into the pics... you know imma want my pups in mine when you do ours :)

Chesney said...

I hope your paintings are selling because you are getting better and better! Beautiful!

megan said...

just for the record, that cat is all of those 3 things. i think you were just channeling his energy.