Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Cooking Opportunity

Hi everyone, every now and again I receive a little e-mail in the ol' blog inbox asking if I wouldn't mind putting up a banner here or ad there for some either large or new upcoming company.

While I can understand why other bloggers like and welcome sponsors it just isn't really for me. If I find something I find cool I like to highlight it all on my own without any monetary incentive. It still seems quite strange too that someone would pay me money for the weird random things that come out of my mouth, some days I feel almost like I should be paying all you who have to suffer through it (especially on days that end in 'Y').

But today I got something that I felt seemed like a fun idea to pass on and I wouldn't get a thing out of it. Apparently Macy's (who I have to hate according to my Chicago husband for what they did to Fields) and Tyler Florence (who I like to think of as Bobby Flay light. He's like Bobby Flay but without all the filling Calories) have teamed up to fight crime and clean up the streets.

When not wearing skin tight outfits and bright tights they thought it might be fun to start a little contest aimed at Newlyweds or Nearlyweds. It asks for you to answer the question "What Gets You Cooking?"

I know for me it's the need for glucose, nutrients, vitamins and I also really like setting things on fire.

But if you have a better answer than mine just have to film a little 2 minute video about yourself showing off your answer with some of your favorite foods or cooking skills and upload it here at their site.

If Macy's decides you are the most marketable (and just about everyone who visits here I think would look great in a commercial or two) then here are the possible prizes you could win taken from their website:

"One grand-prize winner receives a trip for two to San Francisco for a $2,500 kitchen shopping spree with Tyler Florence at Macy's that will be featured on an upcoming podcast. The winner will also appear with Tyler in the final podcast. Nine runner-ups will receive a $1,000 Macy's gift card. "

They also have all the other submissions up on their site if you want some ideas to outshine the competition (I suggest getting a DJ, light show, and a talking camel).

And if you do win and meet up with Tyler Florence could you please mention my Bobby Flay quip to him? I'm sure he'll love it.

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