Thursday, March 19, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 106

Many things about me entertain my husband.

The fact that I will for no apparent reason curse like a grizzled old prospector. Or that not only will I talk to myself, sometimes I'll hold a consensus meeting in my head that adjourns for lunch.

But there is probably nothing more entertaining than the fact that I cannot be trusted around certain liquids.

Take exhibit A:
This is paint all over the side of my hand (black paint that I barely used I might add). I had no idea that it was there til after completely cleaning up and settling on the couch my husband pointed it out.

It's gotten so bad I've ruled (well my brain commitee after passing that annoying road tax) that I must take a shower once I put away my brushes and pallet. Some of it is just my mindset, I can always clean my skin, so if I need to suddenly remove some paint off a brush I'm more likely to use my fingers than a cloth.

But a lot of it is this strange metaphysical phenomenon where certain chemicals have a weird attraction to my skin. Paint isn't the only one.

Give me a bit of chocolate, regardless of how small it is, and some of it will wind up on me not melted and making a mess but just little bits as though I were saving it for a snack.

Sometimes I think I need to call Rod Sterling to figure out just what is going on, but then I find some chocolate I didn't think I had and all is good with the world.

Since this post made no sense, and it keeps feeling like Wednesday and Friday at the same time to me, here's another pretty picture. It's got a whole sun peaking out through a dark bitter day going on, eh?

How's your nearly end of the week going? Got any strange ooze residing on your skin? If it's a black alien goo you may want to look into getting it removed. I suggest Tide to go pen for all your venom needs.


Chesney said...

Although I have no weird ooze all over me, this has been a different week, everyday is feeling like Monday to me, ughhhhhhh...I guess not enough hours or days in the week!

withoutadornment said...

I also seem to do a good job of getting things all over me. Or at least on my clothes - it seems that my clothes are a magnet for hand lotion.

I really like that picture! Very pretty.

Lindsey said...

I just adore your ring!

Linda said...

I wind up with food all over me after I eat. I took off my shirt the other night and had spaghetti sauce on the back. I can only assume that during the boiling that some lept onto my shirt.
Tai usually spills food everywhere. We are messy!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Am having a hard time finding a frame!!! (From the bride/groom/dog/beach) lady! Any thoughts? Most store bought ones seem only to be able to hold a photo...

Should I got to some sort of specialty shop you think? Thanks for the advice!