Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rapidly Rapiding rapids

I've been wanting to try my hand at a larger painting for a while now (the last one was probably that waterfall I did) and I thought it'd be more fun to try something with more water movement like river rapids.

This is based on a picture of Yosemite.
I was a bit surprised at how the rocky cliffs turned out. I wanted to try using my pallet knife and at first it looked incredibly stupid. But after a few additions, adding more paint and more texture it came out kinda cool.

I'm thinking I need to try some flowers again. Anyone got a favorite flower picture?


Linda said...

I like it. great job!

Chesney said...

One of my favorites out of all the ones you have shared - beautiful work!

valerie said...

I love you that you've kept up painting and you keep posting them on your blog. Every time you post one, they get better and better, and I love seeing that progression. :)

That being said, I think this is my favorite one.

I wish I had a flower picture, but believe it or not... I, uh, don't have one. I should snap some tomorrow afternoon!

AmyJean said...

I'm gone (well busy) for like 2 weeks and i come back and you are like Van Gogh! SHEESH! your talent has quadrupled since last i saw... seriously. I'm so impressed with you! :)

PS. Cherry blossoms, dogwood, and phalenopsis orchids... my faves!