Monday, March 2, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 89

My weekend was one of being trapped inside for fear of all the roaming Yetis that had traveled down from the cold north thanks to our sudden cold snap and snow storm.

Our only excursion out was to forage for food. This is the story of that tale.

We began as we do every morning by surveying the heaps of snow mountains that litter the landscape.
Pay no attention to the cars in the background, this really is a huge 1 mile trek up rocky and snowy terrain.

What do you mean you can see tire tracks at the bottom? Those aren't tire tracks, they're ruts from an avalanche that wiped out an entire village of mountain goats.

Okay so there really is no tale for going out to get groceries. While it was cold and there was a sudden downfall of snow the roads were generally clear and no one was trying to be a hero by basically getting in the way.

Instead I'll change the tone from cold and depressing winter to rather bright and warm but still depressing spring. We found the Easter aisle again.

I fear this bunny may have talked too much. Given away the secret of just how the hell rabbits get their hands on eggs to the wrong person (they contract with Willy Wonka actually) or what's really in peeps so they plucked off his eye:Have you ever heard Chocolate scream?

This is the perfect Easter Basket for anyone who is a big fan of not only giraffes but also The Godfather. I know when I was little I couldn't wait to wake up and go hunting for my Easter Basket that contained the stuffed and mounted head of a herd animal (one year I got a wildebeest). Just makes me feel all fuzzy inside thinking about my tea party with a head of a rabbit, head of a doormouse, and head of the mad hatter.

How was your weekend? Did you manage something a bit more substantial without all the snow and yuck?

Stay tuned too, later today I have a very exciting announcement. It may just change your world (note, will in fact not change your world or have much of an effect on you in anyway. I just used that for dramatic affect.


withoutadornment said...

That poor rabbit! Easter in grocery stores always reminds me of extremely cheap and waxy chocolate. I once got a white chocolate bunny that didn't really taste like chocolate because there was so much stuff added to it.

This weekend? I went out to my parent's cabin and played hockey again. It was fun! I also made a pie and a cake. And went to church alot and it was good!

Chesney said...

Loved your "adventure"! You are too funny! My dad is a Shriner, so we volunteered at the circus taking tickets (think the boys had more fun than we did). LOL - it was COLD!!