Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 105

We had a perfect spring day yesterday. So beautiful it just had to be a crime to refuse allowing people to go outside and enjoy it.

When no one was looking, or needed me, I snuck outside for a little walk around and picture snapping. I love it when all the students are gone too, the campus feels more peaceful and you don't seem as weird for whipping out a camera and getting in some poor plants face for just the right picture.

As I was meandering down the sidewalk I caught this little birdie picking at gravel (anyone know what it is?). I could get rather close, so he seemed much more focused on his food supplement than me: I was just randomly snapping pictures in our little arboretum because I liked the look of the little lean to for the drainage area. It wasn't til I got home and looked at the pictures I saw the little cardinal right in the middle of it. It is weird how if you are the one taking pictures you can't really enjoy it, as though you were never really there:
Even the plants were getting into the bright spring day, bursting through the ground. Hopefully we don't get a late frost (which we always do) that kills them all off: The other cool thing about having the agriculture part separate from the rest of the university means we can have animals running around at the Animal Science building (ah grandfather laws).

The horses were in super high spirits yesterday, rolling on the ground and running around like kids just freed from a long school day:They may look all lovey dovey but once I was done snapping the pictures they both snorted and ran away from each other:And that was the few bits of nature I got to enjoy on a very rare 70 degree March day.

Oh and don't worry it's cold and miserable with rain today, so life is back to normal here.

What do you do when it's just such a nice day out you have to get out to do something? How's Spring coming along where you live?


Chesney said...

Your nice day paid off, you got some stunning pictures! Can you believe it was so nice yesterday, and now today (naturally) we have a soccer game - but I guess it won't be too bad, could be worse!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the plant coming out! I wish plants would do that here (but who are we kidding, it would freeze the next day.)

Jenna said...

Love love love that plant peeking out of the dead stuff. It looks like it is fighting SOOOO hard to come up.

Linda said...

So jealous that you have horses at your work. If I did I would never get anything done. I just love horses! Strange childhood obsession.

Jennifer said...

Spring? pshaw...we are on to summer! 88-90 degrees everyday, my plants are trhiving, everything is green and beautiful and has been for a few months. Come May, the desert will take over and I'll come back to this post to linger at the "spring" ideals. Love the horses too!

Porcelain said...

awww!! horsies!! and as for the bird.. it's a woodpecker called a "Northern Flicker"- there was one meandering about the grass behind my apartment yesterday too.