Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 104

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Shesh, it was a birthday party yesterday and today it's the wearing o' the green. I'm fast becoming party central.

It's that strange day where we celebrate 3,000 times harder than Ireland ever did and everyone wishes they were Irish. So I agreed to try my hand at cooking some corned beef (it's currently stewing in the crock pot at home):

The funny thing is, it's the one thing my Polish/Slavic husband is craving while I, the Irish/German, couldn't really care less about.

Maybe it's because traditionally the Irish would eat boiled cabbage and St. Patricks day was originally a solemn day for going to mass (and no drinking). It wasn't til the mass immigration to the States that it became warped into a huge partying, drinking, green mass celebration.

We should make another rocking Saint day. Maybe Saint Sebastian. We could all run around with arrows through our heads and have archery contests. Or Happy St. Francis of Assisi. It's bring your animals to work day!

But even though I may not be crazy about corned beef, I still try to be a nice wife and make it for my husband. He's completely on his own when it comes to sauerkraut. I loathe that stuff.

Is anyone else out there celebrating with their little green outfit, shamrocks, or the traditional green beer?


Anonymous said...

Haha. St. Francis of Assisi Day. That would be entertaining.

I'm wearing a green shirt, pashmina and socks. I won't be drinking any green beer as myself and beer are non-compatible. (Thanks, gluten allergy!)

My dad has some awesome suspenders with shamrocks on them. They are so cool!

Chesney said...

I will be serving corn beef and cabbage at the Shriner's Dinner tonite (my dad is a Shriner), then afterwards, hopefully will go out for my green beer! LOL Have a great St Paddy's Day!

Jenn said...

Uh, I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day until I heard it on the radio on my way to work this morning (blame it on the wedding planning that's making me absent-minded and spacey!). I happened to pick out a green shirt today anyway!

Linda said...

I'm wearing green, but I forgot to buy my corned beef before I left. So if I stopped at the store and then cooked dinner it would be 10pm! So I think we'll wait til this weekend.
Have a great St. Patty's Day!