Friday, March 6, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 93

God has a sense of humor.

No, really, I can picture God up there lounging on a cloud (possibly made out of cream cheese if I understand commercials right) laughing hysterically at the weather we've been getting.

Yesterday we hit a high of 74 in early March! But what makes him giggle to himself? Why the simple fact that come tomorrow -- Saturday -- the day when most people can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, it'll be rainy and just above freezing.

Ha ha ha, great joke. Really. I'm laughing on the inside, I swear.

Okay so I couldn't let the gorgeous weather fully pass me by so I did talk my hubby into a little walk around our apartment complex.

The bad thing about having gorgeous weather in early March is that while the temperature is wonderful the panoramic is mostly browns and yellows. We won't get any good signs of spring til at least mid April. But I promised pictures, so pictures I will provide.

The geese seemed happy preening on the side of our little pond, til I showed up. He he he, they scatter upon sight of me now: Just behind our apartment complex sits a town home that was being built just as the housing bubble burst. For the past year it's sat unoccupied but what makes it even weirder is this plastic fence they put up around it.

For anyone that's ever visited Nebraska especially during our tornado season you'll know just how incredibly stupid a plastic fence is. A normal day for us the wind is at least spluttering at 20 MPH, we get a bit concerned when it gets into the 50 range and windy is at least 70 MPH.

Guess what wind that strong does to plastic. Mostly this: I think this last picture pretty much sums up what has happened in the economy lately. You have a white picket (really plastic) fence fencing off nothing but scrub land because someone just assumed they could build another house behind it and put the fence up before they could: I also took a few cool pictures of a spider that thawed and dropped by to say hi, but I know some people are scared to death of the things (I find them fascinating myself, and they eat annoying flies) so here are just the links to Spider 1 and Spider 2.

Is anyone else enjoying some strange Spring weather? What do you do when the weather does turn nice all of a sudden? Is there just one thing you have to get out and do before winter closes its evil claw around us once again?


Chesney said...

I love your sense of humor! We are supposed to get thunderstorms with large hail now tonight - go figure!
Love your geese image - that water is beautiful! Also, love your take on plastic fences! :) Although I am not a spider fan, these images turned out really well! Looks like you had a beautiful walk!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, Sabrina, I think that we live in the same place. We usually have a few days of 10C+ weather and then today and yesterday is bloody cold and windy. I'm glad that you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather!

I just think it's amusing that it got warm enough to melt all the ice on my doorstep but then it rained/iced/slushed/snowed and now everything else is covered in ice.

Linda said...

It snowed yesterday. Right now it's blue skies and sunny. It's still cold though.