Monday, March 9, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 96

There needs to be a new law that every Monday after we lose an hour everyone gets a half day to rest and recuperate from all that hard work of changing every single clock they own. Then there's the whole not wanting to wake up thing thanks to melanin.

It isn't just kinda dark out, thanks to our ominous clouds that drizzled rain on us yesterday and Saturday it's pitch black and just as depressing (I don't know why pitch is so depressing, maybe the fact it's always getting driven over).

So write to your congressman to get us our own little Daylight Saving Holiday.

Anyway, back to the pictures:

We now join our preschool child already in full sugar rush:

Meet the latest boychild robot model X37. X37 is amazingly life like, with all the wonders and joys of any of your so called "real boys."

Watch as he fashions wheels for his 4 wheeler out of nothing more simple than 5 lb hand weights:
Creativity is the newest addition to our robots, including a game simulator wherein he shall turn every challenge he meets into a game.

X37's battery supply is replenished with just a trip or two out into the sun, but what would a "real boy" be without his incessant need for everything sugary and gooey? So upon a trip to the store we find X37 begging for the perfect glucose delivery system: Peeps.
X37 even comes with his own "Introverted/Extroverted" switch. When you are in the mood for a talking, people pleasing child just flip to "E," but when Mom needs a break "I" will make sure your X37 will hide his face on your shoulder or dash behind your legs: Order soon, and we'll throw in the "I want a baby brother/sister" option along with your own special set of Ginsu knives.

X37 is waiting for your love with open arms: Note: X37's have been known to have small coolant leaks at night and need to be washed regularly to clear out all the gunk they accumulate. They will also display their need for a batter recharge by screaming, throwing things, crying, and just generally being a pain in the ass.


Chesney said...

Instead of the "Stepford Wives" we have the "Stepford kids"! LOL You are hilarious!

Leslie said...

You can make even the most boring trip to Shopko seem like an adventure. Good work though, you made my hair look really shiny.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you - boo on daylight savings time. We used to change a few weeks after the states, which makes more sense because we're Canadian and it's darker up here in the winter, but to make more sense for businesses, we changed on Sunday as well. So I go boo.

Peeps make me laugh. I don't know why. But that photo is so awesome!

Cate Subrosa said...

The imagination and creativity of little kids is so amazing!

We change our clocks three weeks later over here... I can't wait for that day! Bring on the light evenings, I say. Well worth losing an hour for.

Lindsey said...

Ugh, loathe daylight savings too!

Such a sweet kid!!

Brunhilda said...

I so hate daylight savings time. We just adopted it like two years back and it is such an adjustment for me! **off to write my congressman**

That child is absolutely adorable.