Saturday, March 14, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 101

If I ever got it in my head that on top of painting I also need to be making candles I'd right off the bat have to figure out a way to make a Dill Candle. I just love the smell of fresh dill. So yummy and green:If you were going to make a new candle or scent what would it be?

I also took this picture yesterday while eating lunch. Pretty boring eh? Except this was something my husband actually got for doing Taste Testing. He does taste testing all the time, from things like ham, to cheese puffs, to peanut butter hamburgers.

And in exchange for eating some sometimes really weird tasting food he always gets a little food treat. Usually it's a candy bar, occasionally fresh fruit but sometimes it's more random things like this:All I've learned from my husband is that I would never ever want to get paid to be on a taste panel. God knows what you'd wind up eating.


withoutadornment said...

My scent of candle would be "fresh morning by the ocean." So very crisp, fresh with the slight smell of salt water. Even though, there probably is something like that already.

How does one find a place on a food tasting panel? Maybe he should go on the iron chef!

Chesney said...

I love dill as well! Cucumbers is one of my favorite candles - I think they need to make one that smells like warm bread - yummmmmm!