Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 119

Today we're looking at freezing temperatures and the possibility of snow.

But yesterday was a completely different story (Ah spring in Nebraska, it isn't so much its own season as its just summer and winter competing to see who can cause the most headaches).

In fact it was so nice I just had to get out and enjoy it a bit before the storm moved in. Plus I was just growing up some bacteria and they work best without having a helicopter lab tech demanding they get the best grades at growing colonies.

It was kinda funny as I wasn't the only one who had the idea. There were at least three photographers running around with really fancy cameras taking pictures. I'm sure they were all secretly giggling at me with my little point and click, but I had a lot of fun and without further ado here are some more spring pictures: These pretty little purple flowers just popped up almost overnight it seems.

I was pulled in by these lovely blue flowers (I didn't know nature made a flower that blue) when I saw something rather amusing in the middle:
I really like the juxtaposition of something all dead and poky with soft bright flowers.

The photographers weren't the only visitors to campus I saw yesterday either. Something else was drinking in the lovely day and some pollen:
My camera has pretty much no zoom to it so I really was right on top of these poor little bees. Luckily they were a bit busy so they let me be (I don't know if that counts as a pun or not. If it is I am terribly sorry).And since I have no idea when I'll see the sun again, I'll go out on a sun through the branches pictures (they're starting to become my staple, eh?)

Anyone else been getting up in any bees faces? I am kinda glad all the bugs will have to hibernate again and break out their little buggy antifreeze as we've had a little ant invasion in our kitchen and I had to pull out the big guns.

Otherwise I just want winter to be over. I've had the worst cabin fever lately and I want to just run around in a big field spinning in circles til I fall down. Who's with me?


Chesney said...

I'm in for the fun, but you have to make father winter disappear first! What fabulous pictures you took yesterday - my fav has to be the crocusses - what stunning colors! Just a preview of what is to come...

Linda said...

Fantastic photos!