Monday, March 9, 2009

Surf, sand, wedding attire and a puppy

Big thanks to Rachel and her displaying the painting a made of her wedding dress on her blog (I'd offer you a fruit basket if I actually knew any fruit that was edible at this time of year).

Kelly from My Island Wedding saw it and contacted me. She wanted not just her dress but also one of her husbands tux and then she asked for something I was a touch hesitant on.

She wanted to include a picture of their dog Madchen who had sadly passed on recently. I've only attempted two doggie paintings so far, one looked okay and the other failed spectacularly (hence why you've never seen it). But I really wanted to try.

There has never been a time in my life that I didn't have a dog that was my best bud and I know they always have a little special place in your heart.

So I sat down and through a slight anti-histamine fog (damn trees, stop breeding) somehow I got this beautiful painting out and am still a bit floored that I painted it.

I guess this means I may just be able to paint puppies too. Yay!

I hope you enjoy and love it a lot Kelly. I know I already do.

Oh and if anyone else really wants on, you can still go ahead and get your own from my store or just leave a comment and I'll get in contact with you somehow (once I figure out how to operate this World Wide Web).

Now to paint a picture of a puppy playing on the beach. I hope my husband has something to keep himself occupied with for the new couple of days. I'm gonna be a bit busy.


Jennifer said...

Awesome painting! You did great on the puppy (too sad).

Chesney said...

What an imagination you have - this is really good and creative!!

Linda said...

Good job. I love it!

DeadmansLog said...

This is one of the coolest!

Brunhilda said...

That is a great idea, and the doggie turned out very cute indeed. Good luck on the next one!

AmyJean said...

This is great stuff! You continue to impress me... I can't wait for what you do for me :)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Hey! Just saw this post! As you know, I LOVE the way my doggie came out. And just so long everyone knows, I sent you 4 photos to choose from, and you combined 2 of them to get this great pose!

I STILL haven't shown hubby yet..., i want to frame it and make sure he's not going to get emotional when he sees it.

Thanks again.

megan said...

wow. i know kelley (internetly) and this just floored me too. it's amazing. i'm totally catching up on all your posts i haven't read in a long time (been slagging on google reader).
anyway, i'm super proud of you, these are amazing!!!
good job with this, kinda made me all teary eyed.