Monday, March 16, 2009

A wedding dress in the mountains

I am afraid that when it comes to history's great ledger I am going to be known for only painting wedding dresses and doggies. But what can I say? I like painting wedding dresses and doggies.

This one actually comes about before the bride has walked down the aisle (I never really thought of it but I guess it would be kinda cool to have a painting of the area your getting married at at your wedding).

So here is Jennifer's painting, along with her puppy who can't attend and some mountains and other fun stuff in the background.

So I guess if anyone wants one but hasn't actually made it down that aisle yet as long as you have a picture of you in your dress that's all I really need to make your own painting (doggies in the foreground are optional).

Just leave me a comment, e-mail me, or something with etsy. I'll get in contact through one of those means (could be carrier pigeon too so put your gargoyles on alert).

Now back to fighting with my Yellowstone river scenery. Why must trees hate me so?


Rachel said...

What a cool picture! I like the scenery! And the puppy came out really cute... hmmm... there is an idea a'brewin in my head.
I have a plethora of puppies. You can paint puppies.... I'll email you and see what you think!

Jennifer said...

Wow, I actually that you had jumped ahead and done a painting of my dress! Looks great!

Christy said...

I love that you are painting what you WANT to paint. Why not have some fun with it?!? They are amazing!

Macmi said...

hi.. Love your painting.. I'm macmi and I'm making a blog bout "wife", I asking for your permission to exchange link.. Please visit my blog and leave me a msg.. Thanks..

megan said...

ok, that dog pic just convinced me that i NEED this.
i will totally write a blog post about you on BOTH of my wedding blogs (even though one just has to do with Maui weddings, but fuck it, you're awesome) I want one of my dress w my doggy bc Jack couldn't be there!!!!
will love you forever.
now what do I do?