Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 103

Guess who just turned one year old.

Yep, Introverted Bride Wife. And what do you get for something that's just turned that big 0-1? Why a cupcake of course:You just pinch its little columns and tickle its footers. Now if only I could get the paper hat on my computer I'd be all set.

I could revel in what was the most commented on or most read post I've made, but that's boring stuff. Besides I know the real reason why I am still posting over a year out, all of you.

Without my handful of readers and those readers who leave me lovely messages so I can track you back and attack when you least expect it I'm sure I would have given up a long long time ago.

So I made you all cupcakes too!

  • Cate (who at the time was Guilty) was probably my first and still is my most prolific commenter. All of her upbeat and fun messages sure made me want to keep right on trucking along as I navigated this wild river to blogging streams. Your baby will probably love a nice tasty red velvet and cream cheese cupcake, right?

  • Linda sort of feels like my right hand man at times. I know that no matter how incredibly nerdy of a joke or reference I make she's sure to get it. Plus her husband loves Discworld, and that makes anyone super cool in my book. Oh and she was also my first painting commission ever.

  • Everyone knows Jenna, prolific blogger and artist extraordinaire. It's impossible to imagine the blogging world without her. She's kinda like the den mother, visiting and talking with a whole bunch of little blogs getting the word out about which ones she thinks are something special. If there's one person you know who will have some awesome stuff and also share it with you personally it's her.

  • Riley (aka Rachel) amazes me with her interior decorating abilities. She can take any room and make it look like it fell out of a magazine. But what I like most about her is that she's so warm and open and I know if there's one person I can count on to provide me with a few paragraphs of comments it's her. I love it whenever I can spark a little discussion.

  • Jennifer was one of the early ones too, who was sure to applaud every weird turn my wedding planning stuff took and had some amazing stuff of her own to show off. She's gotten busy what with having a broken foot and all but I'm sure she'll come back in full force soon.

  • And then cupcakes for all your nOObs, for valerie and her devil kitty, for Amy and her crazy expanding website/blog, for Bean a special Gluten free cupcake, for Chesney for being awesome from being from Nebraska, for Melissa for also being from the land of corn and cows, for Deadmans Log a special bat shaped cupcake, for Lindsey and her upbeat sunshine.

Without all of you there's just no way I'd be writing this today (though I'm sure I'd still be married so you can't claim kudos for that no matter how much I know you want to). Now to look towards the future, where cars fly through the air and people have mood changing pants and everyone loves THE HYPNOTOAD!

Four More YEARS! Four More YEARS!


withoutadornment said...

Congratulations on one year!

Thanks for the gluten free cupcake! :)

Chesney said...

You made it a year, I am impressed - and thanks for the yummy cupcakes - the more frosting the better LOL

Jenna said...

Your comments about me are entirely too kind. About everyone else, they are exactly right. :) I'm happy to accept my yummy looking cupcake (and think I need to make some of my own today), especially since it was That Bride's one year anniversary yesterday as well!

Katy said...

You're making me want to go bake some cupcakes right now.

valerie said...

Woot woot! Happy blog birthday! Mmm. Cupcakes. Devil kitty like cupcakes too (well, just sniffing them because kitties and cupcakes just aren't a good choice). :)

Also, I am making cupcakes now, haha.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the shout out! Wow a whole year, I could have sworn your blog has been around forever! Its so fun to have shared these life changing moments with you! (and hint taken, I need to get back on the blog wagon!)

Lindsey said...

Aw thanks for the shout out! You are so sweet!!! Those cupcakes look yummo and are making me HUNGRY, ha!=)

Cyd said...

I neeeeeed one of those cupcakes. num num

Linda said...

Aw! Congrats on your anniversary. And thanks for the sweet comments.