Friday, March 27, 2009

Cake in a cup?

Our lovely local grocery store bakery has been at it again, but this time with cute little cupcakes.

They have two different cupcake tiers out. This one is by far the most interesting of the two. It's got every animal you could possibly imagine for your safari wedding or kids party:There's pandas who apparently all moved to the jungle to be with the double mouthed monkeys and lions that really need to lay off the tan bed (pst, manes and spray tan don't mix.) Penguins inhabit the second to top tier of this cupcake tree to give this thing a little class. I think that makes them all angels to the god like oreo Panda up top.

But most disturbing hidden amongst all the funky animals sits a row of killer clowns. Sure they may all look jolly but I know they're secretly plotting the best way to get some lion skinned oversized pants and penguin floppy shoes.

Clowns, terrifying in every edible form.


Chesney said...

I am sure that stand attracts every kids eyes! So bright and fun!

Anonymous said...

Those penguins look like they should lose a bit of weight. Poor penguins.

I agree with you on the creepy clowns... ugh...

I love cakewrecks and I'm so happy that you referenced it!