Thursday, March 12, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 99

Hm, today I have two different picture themes to show off but I don't know which one.

One's a cooking secret and the other is my latest finished painting (I say finished as I'm in the middle of another wedding dress).

Cooking Secret or Painting?

Painting or cooking secret?

One has food, but you've all seen a lot of food. The other has paint but then again we all know watching paint dry is incredibly boring.

Such hard choices.

Ah to hell with it I'll just show both. First up the cooking secret.

Last night we had chicken fingers (which even though I am almost 26 I still have to have with ketchup mixed with mustard. Best condiment ever) and we don't use the traditional flour breading.
Yep, Butter Crisp crackers. They give a nice crisp flavor and crunch to the chicken fingers you don't get with flour. Plus we get to drag out our mortar and pestle and pretend we're alchemists. Dash of unicorn horn, dragon's scale, something about a drabe.
And tada we made gold! Okay so the gold is more brown and has chicken in the middle, close enough.

Looks pretty tasty right?I also love to add the crackers to hamburgers when I'm going to grill them. Along with some grey poupon and Worcestershire it adds a really nice flavor that the crackers suck up and also give the burgers a slight buttery flavor.

Well that's all I got for cooking secrets. I know it wasn't anything all that exciting or good, so here's the B story.After getting such a neat ocean scene from Kelly's painting I wanted to try something of a puppy just sitting at the beach staring at the ocean.

It still needs a few touch ups and I'm not crazy about the puppy but this came out looking kinda sad and forlorn. Like the puppy is just sitting there waiting for his master to come back.

Also on the painting horizon I bought myself a spot in the Etsy Showcase wedding section. So if you're wandering around in there and see my painting up top be sure to say hi.

So which part did you prefer more, the A or B story? Do you want more characterization from the easel? Who here hated the dishwasher? Round of hands.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Ketchup and Mustard mixed together is the best condiment.

That's awesome that you have a mortar and pestle. I'm jealous.

I'm still impressed with your paintings - I know that I could never do that.

I actually like my dishwasher because it allows me to be more lazy than if I didn't have one. But then, our dishwasher hasn't had any angst yet, so that's probably why.

Chesney said...

Great cooking hint - I will have to try this! There is no age limit to the ketchup and mustard thing (heck, I am 40 something and still do this LOL)! Another great painting, you are right, it looks like the dog lost it's human friend!